Sweet Jesus, I love candles.

Honestly – they are like one of my favourite things ever, and I’m including my family in this. Candles are my crack – I’d have an entire apartment filled with them if I could.


Winter is one of my favourite times of year, purely because it’s acceptable to have a house full of scented candles, all blazing simultaneously…


I’ve recently done a candle cull, where I took a Sainsbury’s carrier bag around my flat and (with extremely bad grace) threw out all the nearly-empty votives and jars littering my surfaces. However, that does mean I get to buy new ones – silver lining, anyone?

 Check out which scented candles I’m lusting after this winter…


jo malone pomegranate noir | rituals oriental light | the white company winter | trish mcevoy wild blueberry and vanilla

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is a fragrance I absolutely adore. My coworker has the body lotion on her desk and it smells amazing every time she uses it – I’m desperate to get my hands on the candle, which I’m sure will smell just as divine.

I used to work at Rituals, and to this day it remains one of my favourite bath and body brands. Their Christmas candles always smell incredible – I’m such a sucker for warm, festive smells – and I feel like I need to try this year’s winter warmer, Oriental Light.

A classic (and the one that’s currently burning on my coffee table): The White Company Winter Candle is one of my all time favourites. I treated myself to this one recently, but you can never have too many candles…

Finally – I wear Trish McEvoy perfume every day, and the fact that there’s a candle equivelent has excited me no end. It’s fruity, sweet and musky, and is my staple scent. Need!

Which candle is your favourite? Do you have any go-to scents?


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