I have been wanting to get my hands on the Tarte Tarteist  Clay Liner in forever. It has featured heavily in my beauty wishlists over the last year, and finally – finally! – I got to try it out.

Tarteist Clay Liner comes in a little tube with a flat top – like an artists’ palette. How clever – and a delicate angled brush for application. Bloggers and make-up artists always seem to rave about this product, and I’ve always had a secret hope it would up my eyeliner-game by miles…

The packaging is cute, and coming with a little brush is an added bonus. I did find that when trying to get some of the liner onto the palette-top, it was seriously difficult – it refused to budge, and then sort of splurted everywhere. All over my white dressing table. And my new jeans. But, you win some, you lose some.

I loaded up the brush with liner and set about applying it to my lids. Using the brush wasn’t as awkward as I anticipated – with an angled handle, it always seemed a bit tricky to hold, but in reality was simple to use. After making sure my wings were even, I had a look at the result.

It was fine. Like, nothing to write home about, looks like normal eyeliner, fine. I don’t really know what I was expecting – it wasn’t like I was awful with eyeliner to start with, or had never used a gel style liner before – but I definitely felt a little flat.

Tarteist didn’t seem blacker, sharper or better quality than any other gel liners I’ve used before. It just looked like regular liner, and frankly, what with loading up the brush (and wiping down my counter-top) it took a little longer than usual. I also found that I was constantly dabbing the brush in the product – one coating isn’t enough to do both eyes, so it is a bit of a faff.

However, I’m happy to persevere if the liner had incredible staying power. My usual eyeliner is the Sleek Dip-It Liner, which tends to stay on all day on my rather greasy lids, so this had some serious competition.

And once again – it was fine. It smudged a little in my corners as the day wore on, and I feel like had I lined under my eyes as well, there would have been serious movement. I think if I’d done a heavy liner look I would have set it with a translucent powder – it’s not a product I’d feel confident about using heavily without setting.

On the whole, I’d say try this liner. It’s not horrible, and it looks lovely, but it just left me a bit cold – to be fair, I think I was expecting something a bit more than it actually delivered. I mean, how fabulous can an eyeliner really be?

I’m continuing to use this liner, because it feels such a waste to throw it out. However, whilst it’s okay, I don’t think I’d repurchase after it was finished…

Have you used the Tarte Tarteist Liner? 


* some products were kindly gifted to almost couture


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