I’m a real sucker for online window shopping, and at the moment, there is so much I want off Asos’ site. I’m adding more and more to my virtual basket as the days go by…

Just in case anyone is feeling generous – The Boyfriend, I’m looking at you here – I made a little wishlist of bits that I really, really want to find under the tree this year.


fluffy slippersfur clutch | snake-print boots | leather gloves | watch | pyjamas

Heads up – I like fluffy things. Not sure if you can tell, but anything soft, furry or covered in feathers is an absolute winner in my eyes. Whilst the clutch isn’t quite as practical as the gloves and slippers (let’s face it – those items are practical winter must-haves), I still feel it’s an essential…

I can’t remember a time when I was this tired – a new job has really knocked me for six. I’m starting to live in pyjamas are loose clothing when I get home in the evenings; I love loungewear but always stick on old trackies and a scratty jumper, so would love a pair of proper, old-fashioned jammies. (You know, the kind you wouldn’t mind your neighbors spotting you wearing when you took the bins out.)

Snake print boots have been such a blogger fave this season, and I love this pair with the gold contrast heel. An added bonus is the fairly sensible heel height – with my dodgy ankles and serial clumsiness, a high heel for everyday footwear is dangerous. These look like they’d be super comfy as well as gorgeous!

Finally, an understated and elegant watch is imperative. I love watches, and always tend to go for mens’ watches as the faces are much larger; I like how clean and fresh this style looks.

So, you know – if anyone out there fancies getting me a present, any of these would be much appreciated!

What’s on your wishlist this Christmas?



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