I’m not a very organised person. In fact, I’m horrendously disorganised, to the point that I forget to pay the water bill and think it’s Thursday when it’s Monday.

However, when it comes to my makeup, I am verging on obsessive. Everything has a place. This palette is stacked before that palette; that bottle of perfume fits in that corner. It’s weird, and a bit disconcerting, but I just can’t help it.


Have a little peek into my dressing room and see how I organise my makeup stash…


I bought this dressing table from Ikea – it’s actually a desk, but why pay extra for a fixed mirror and less drawer space? (Whilst the top looks tidy, the drawers are an absolute state. My hair extensions live in there too, so it can give you a heart attack when rummaging around.)


How cute is this personalised makeup towel? This was a gift a few Christmases ago, but you can buys similar ones from Not On The Highstreet.


All of my acrylic storage came from HomeSense – the homewares equivelent of TK Maxx. I love being able to see the products through the storage – it makes it so much easier to grab products when I’m in a rush and inevitably late. Lipsticks sit at the front, whilst bottles of lotions and potions nestle at the back.


I buy storage pots for my beauty tools, then end up chucking them because I buy more and more brushes. The current solution is this faux-leather pen pot (how fancy), which is about a zillion years old from WHSmiths. Don’t judge.


I love perfume – I absolutely douse myself in the stuff, to the point that the whole top floor of my apartment building smells faintly of Jimmy Choo. (Sorry, Number Fifteen.)

If you’re wondering what perfumes I wear – from left to right, there’s Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Intense;  Lancome La Vie Est Belle; Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne; Prada Candy Florale; Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice; Jimmy Choo; and Trish McEvoy Sexy 9.


I hoard foundation like an absolute fiend. I’ve got pale ones, dark ones, thick ones and light ones; even those which I’m not particularly keen on are kept just in case.


Whilst I love makeup, my collection of eyeshadows is seriously lacking. I’m a bit funny with my eyes, so make sure to clear out these types of products every six months or so, regardless of how much product is left. Currently, I’m loving MAC shadows and pigments – how gorgeous is that MAC Red Brick Single Shadow?!

I’m on the hunt for more storage – next, I’m thinking of getting a set of acrylic drawers to keep my palettes in, as they take up quite a lot of space in the tub. Frankly, as my collection keeps growing, my dressing table will keep expanding…

How do you store your makeup?



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