Don’t get me wrong – I love living in the UK. We put custard on everything (great), tweed exists (fabulous), and for some reason, we love talking about the weather (strangely soothing).

However, I don’t love the fact that I can’t easily buy things from the States. Everything seems brighter and shinier across the pond, but sometimes it’s just out of reach – super high shipping costs, or downright refusal to ship overseas means I can struggle on my transatlantic shopping trips.


So when I was discovered GoSend, I was so excited…

what is GoSend?

GoSend allows you to shop in the USA online without succumbing to extortionate shipping costs and sales tax, whilst taking advantage of USA-only deals.

how does GoSend work?

GoSend gives you a USA address which you can use in place of your own. Your stuff gets sent from the store to a “virtual locker” at GoSend HQ – usually for free, within days – meaning you avoid paying a hefty international postage fee and that pesky added on tax. GoSend then ship your items to you via reliable companies like FedEx (for massively discounted rates), meaning you can track and trace your transatlantic goodies.

the advantages of GoSend

I decided to try out GoSend with a Sephora splurge. This highlighted to me just how great GoSend is – everything was cheaper in dollars than pounds!

As GoSend are based in Delaware, you’re exempt from paying sales tax. They also then give you up to an 80% discount on shipping thanks to their ties with reputable couriers, and their ability to consolidate your order into one box.

On most items, you avoid paying sales tax – dream – and even if you do need to pay a little, it still works out cheaper than buying the products in the UK. They also offer a personal shopper service called ‘Shop Assist’, where they’ll buy the products for you. For sites that don’t take foreign credit cards (something I will never understand), this is a perfect solution!

my Sephora haul

I plumped for the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette ($46/ £69 on Amazon), Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Shadow Palette ($30/ £44.25 Amazon) and the Tarte Tarteist Clay Liner ($24 /£36 on Amazon). In dollars? $100 exactly. Had I bought in sterling in the UK? £150. No thanks…

So naturally, you’d want to plump for the USA option. GoSend allowed me to take full advantange of this – what’s not to love?

Keep your eyes peeled for reviews of all these products – I’m too excited to crack into all of them…

my GoSend experience

I placed my order at Sephora, and within 36 hours it had reached my “virtual locker” at GoSend HQ. They sent me photos of the items to ensure they were correct before shipping overseas (I really liked this – can you imagine accidentally ordering the wrong thing all the way from New York?!) and once I chose to “release” them, my Sephora package was winging its way to me.

I released my package from GoSend on Thursday night, and they arrived the following week. Seriously, my levels of excitement were through the roof when it turned up at my office…

Try GoSend for yourself!

Go to GoSend.com and enter code BUDGETBEAUTY to get a free 3 month VIP membership, worth $30!

This entitles you to your own “virtual locker” in Delaware, massively discounted shipping rates and access to the GoSend VIP Member Portal, as well as loads of other treats.

final thoughts

You guys know me – I would never gush about something if I didn’t actually like it. I was seriously impressed with GoSend and given my weakness for makeup, this service will definitely save me money. I’d really recommend trying it out with that free trial – it’s totally no obligation – so remember to enter BUDGETBEAUTY!

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11 thoughts on “*GOSEND GOODIES

  1. Lily this is bloody amazing!! I don’t suppose you know if there is an expiry date on that coupon code? December isn’t really a month for shopping for myself so I would start the free trial Jan or Feb ideally!

    How exciting!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome Haul!! 😀

    Try living in New Zealand… Every time I read a beauty blog I’m reminded how I honestly live at the ends of the Earth!! How I wish I could just pop into the store and pick something up – oh that’s right we do get Smashbox and MAC, but I really want to pay $50NZD for an eyeliner (not even joking).

    Just a word of warning though, sephora doesn’t like to ship to “3rd party shippers”. I have managed to get a few orders through to my chosen shipper, but about 50% get cancelled. 😦 A future FYI. I did two orders during the VIB sale and only my first one went through, my second one (same address, just 2 days later) was cancelled by Sephora. Such a bummer!


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    1. Oh noooo – I always assumed you could get everything in New Zealand! To be honest, I always feel the UK gets the worst deal re: shopping, so maybe I’m a bit narrow minded 🙊 oh gosh that absolutely sucks – naughty Sephora! X


  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I live in the UK too, and really miss out on so much. The US really do have better cosmetics (I used to live there!), but I can’t get a majority of them here.
    Such a pain! Will try GoSend; thanks again 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Did you have to pay any uk tax/import duty on your goods? I know there is no us tax paid but im just curious if you get hit with the uk tax costs?


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