I love designer handbags. Seriously, I am such a label whore it’s ridiculous – I can sniff out a Chanel at twenty paces. It’s like a gift.

At the moment, I’m obsessed with the idea of sassy fashion. I like to think sassy fashion is that kind of smack-you-in-the-mouth, oh snap, look-at-me style which will get you noticed wherever you are. I love statement pieces, and couldn’t resist when I stumbled across these Wildfox Bel-Air Sunglasses and Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch at MyBag.


Sunglasses: Wildfox (similar) | Clutch: Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch 

The Wildfox sunglasses are so different to my usual style – they caused a bit of uproar at work when I ordered them, so I like to think they’re like Marmite. Personally, I think they’re pretty fab, and in the summer with a neon lip, they’ll offset a tan beautifully.


I’ve wanted a Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch FOR EVER, and now I work in fashion, I decided I should just bite the bullet and buy one. I like the red, classic, lipstick colour – but there was something about this shocking pink one that really caught my eye. (“It’s a lot more vivid,” my coworker informed me, “and really suits your garish personality”.)


I can’t wait to style these pieces- and add some more sassy fashion to my wardrobe…

What are your favourite sassy fashion pieces? Which designer labels do you love?



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