my hair growth journey 

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If I could travel back in time and have a chat with 18-year-old me, one of the first things I would say would be stop messing with your hair. 

I ruined my hair. Absolutely, mercilessly, undeniably ruined it. When I started at Uni 4 years ago, I had fairly long, thick hair, which fell below my shoulders. I didn’t wear extensions, I didn’t dye it – in fact, apart from a half-hearted back comb now and again, I pretty much left it alone.

Cut to me, 5 months on, pouring peroxide over my head at my dorm room sink. Can you hear that? It’s all my hair strands screaming in agony.


april >> august 

My hair went orange, then a bit crispy, and then started falling out. I looked a joke, and that was when I learnt hairdressers are trained for a reason and watching a YouTube tutorial does not qualify you as a colourist. Seriously.

I had to have my hair dramatically snipped to just below my ears (vom) to allow it to grow back, and I’ve been paying for that mistake for the last two years. My hair simply refused to grow for the longest time, so I’ve become worryingly reliant on my trusty extensions to give me volume and length. However, over the last six months I discovered some pretty basic ways to get my hair growing, which has drastically improved the length since April…

1. Don’t colour your hair 

This is a seriously basic rule, but needs to be said. Even once my hair was back in vaguely good shape, I dyed it copper for about a year. Whilst I loved it (I will be a proud ginger one day), it dried my hair out and frazzled the ends horribly. I went back to my natural brunette after I realised it was going more damage than it was worth, and have seen dramatic improvements in feel and growth.


ginger >> brunette

2. Don’t shampoo too often

Gross, yes, but sort of necessary. Excessive hair washing can be damaging for hair and slow down growth and cause breakages. I used to wash my hair every day but switched to every other after reading this in some beauty magazine.

3. Heat protection is key

Seriously, how obvious are all these points? Heat protection is a must when styling – my ends used to get so dry and split after using curling irons, but now stay nice and sleek with a spritz of protector spray.

4. Eat your hair long

Eating well, staying healthy and feeling stress-free are all easy ways to keep hair growing. Plus, you’ll feel super virtuous  Instagramming your quinoa salad after a night at the gym – bonus.

5. Take vitamins

Get yourself some Biotin, the cheaper alternative to Hairfinity vitamins. Biotin encourages hair growth and I saw great results when I used this just after dying my hair back to brown.

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15 thoughts on “my hair growth journey 

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I’ve made many mistakes with my hair too and it used to look pretty bad when I was younger – the result of constantly colouring my hair and not using good heat protection. And honestly, I am really glad that I decided to wash my hair only every second day – it saves me plenty of time. x

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  2. Preach! I spent so many years dying my hair black then stripping it and going lighter only to dye it black again. I finally have it in good condition now but only because it’s so much shorter and I’ve accepted that I can’t reach for the dye every few weeks! Your hair looks lovely now you should be proud! xx

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  3. Good post. Some things I want to add: minimise brushing, it tugs on your hair. Try just using a wooden, wide toothed comb, or even only your fingers for a while. Don’t use bobby pins or elastics if you can avoid it, they rip out hair with them. The more hair you shed, the less growth you’ll see. Try sleeping with your hair wrapped in soft fabric to avoid breakage from tossing and turning. Use hair oil!!! This is an amazing help for growth. Massage your scalp when you can, nice blood flow there = better growth! Trim split ends but don’t trim your hair if it doesn’t need it (or you will never see how it grew, cause you keep chopping it off again and again) … try touching your hair less during the day. I grew mine from a 1cm buzz cut to bra strap lengths in less than a year by following these and the tips mentioned in your post. 🙂

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  4. I spent to many years dying my hair using box dyes .. and then a few years ago .. bleached it (ahh).. My hair never felt so awful and dry! Now.. I don’t colour it myself, leave it as it is, and wash every other day too. I also use coconut oil on it every week if I can.. which I found has made such a differance (you should try this too!)
    Saira x x

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  5. If you’re serious about wanting to go ginger (it’s basically commitment level tattoo, haha) try henna. It’s actually good for your hair and nourishes it, it will not dry it out. It’s also natural and not too expensive. I had to think of this now cause I just got black henna, which I’ll be trying out in a few days. But the red henna or a mix of both also creates a beautiful colour, I’ve seen it on others. Just thought I’d share 🙂


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