Christmas party season is here, and that means one thing: an intense cut-back on naughty foods in order to fit into that sequinned number for the work ‘do.

This year, I’ve decided to follow the Keto diet. A low carb, high fat way to lose weight, the Keto diet has become exceptionally popular over the last few years, and I’m going to give it a go to see if it’s worth the hype – letting you all into the gory details along the way…


what is the keto diet?

The Keto diet means reducing sugar and starch (think carbs) from your diet in order to kick your body into ketosis – a state where it burns stored body fat for energy. This means you can eat pretty much normally whilst losing weight – what a dream!

benefits of the keto diet

Apart from the obvious – burning away those love handles – the Keto diet supposedly makes you feel fuller for longer and puts a stop to pesky sugar cravings. Apparently, it can also help to stabilise blood sugars and improve your hair, skin and nails (bye bye, extensions).


nutrition and the keto diet

Protein and fat play a big part in the Keto diet, whilst carbs are seriously lacking. I used a Keto macros calculator to work out my exact requirements for my goals – here’s the one I used!

week one

In order to eat properly, I did a Big Shop on Sunday afternoon to prepare myself for the week ahead. Fresh chicken, king prawns, mature cheddar and peanut butter – things I rarely ever buy – wangled their way in, given they’re high in protein and low in carbs.

Keto diet snacks can be tricky – a lot of products which are easy to eat on the go are super high in sugar, meaning they’re off limits. Luckily the lovely people over at Natural Ketosis sent me some yummy bits and pieces to tide me over during (what I began to refer to as) No Carb November.



A quick aside to mention this site – a Godsend if you’re looking to start a low-carb diet. They’ve got so much handy info on site, and loads of seriously tasty looking snacks to keep cravings at bay.

I was sent some raspberry bars, coconut bars, chocolate covered brazils and chocolate covered raspberries (amongst other things), and can safely say – after inhaling one of the raspberry bars straight away at work – they’re pretty delish. 

The week started off well – taking my cheese salad, dinky Tupperware box of cashews and Natural Ketosis raspberry cereal bar into work on Monday, I felt super virtuous. Even when chocolate muffins appeared. Seriously, I swear that only ever happens when you’re dieting…

By Wednesday, I definitely felt my sugar cravings subsiding, although I was starting to miss bread. Not so much for the taste, but more to bulk out my meals – work salads were fine, but I was missing a hearty bowl of pasta in the evenings. However, the thought of slimmer thighs and a nipped-in waist (will I ever have anything which is ‘nipped in’?!) kept me persevering.

Then the weekend came. The weekends are not my friend when it comes to food – The Boyfriend and I literally spend two days eating our body weight in snacks and binge-watching Prison Break, so I wasn’t looking forward to switching this up.


I tried out making zucchini crisps, which were pretty delicious and satisfied my carb craving for a little while – being able to eat sour cream with these was like a dream come true. I was a little naughty on the Saturday evening and indulged in a cocktail, but regretted this almost immediately and plumped for gin and Diet Coke for the rest of the evening, making sure to be exceptionally good the next day…


*some products in this post kindly sponsored by naturalketosis.co.uk


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