tesco tanning mousse review (yes, seriously)

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I would like to give a medal to the person who created the magic that is fake tan. If I ever become a member of the Nobel Prize Committee – which, let’s face it, is highly likely – top of my shortlist will be Mrs Fake Tan. Thank you for keeping me mahogany and smelling of biscuits.


But seriously – I’m super pale and moley, so lying out in the sun is just not an option.  Fake tan allows me to have a bit of colour without risking my health, and that’s a winner in my book.

This weekend, I went to repurchase my tanning staple – St Moriz mousse – only to find practically nowhere in the Trafford Centre had it in stock. Whilst picking up dinner in my local Tesco, I spotted the Tesco Soleil Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, which was on offer for the bank-breaking price of £3.

I admit – I was extremely dubious of this. Because it was from Tesco; because it was so cheap; and because it wasn’t my regular brand. (And, once more: because it was from Tesco). However, fear of the unknown was surpassed by fear of being pale at work, so into my basket it went…


On the bottle, it says the mousse is designed to “counteract fake tan odour”, which had me hoping it wouldn’t have that biscuity, tell-tale-tan odour. Unfortunately, it smells identical to every fake tan ever – it’s pretty strong, too, and gets stronger as it develops. After a few hours, I smelt like a walking packet of digestives.


 The consistency of this tanning mousse was pretty much identical to any other that I’ve tried. It was as good as St Moriz, spread well and buffed out quickly with a mitt, leaving me looking pretty even all over.


As you can see from the photo above (hope it hasn’t given you nightmares), the tan developed well, evenly, and streak-free. I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised with the results, and I couldn’t tell any difference between this and my usual tanning Holy Grail.

the verdict

Okay, it’s from Tesco. I picked up some tins of tuna and a pack of naan breads at the same time. However, it’s good. Really good, and I would totally buy it again, and recommend it to any of my St Moriz disciples.

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