dirty looks quad weft extensions revisited

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Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post in any way – I’m just in love with these extensions!

One of the posts that gets the most attention on mybudgetbeauty is my review of the Dirty Looks Quad Weft Extensions, which I wrote about six months ago. My shade is Espresso Brown and they match my hair to a T. I loved these extensions and since then have absolutely worn them to death, but I thought I’d check in with everyone and update you on their progress down the line…



I originally bought the 18” extensions, and whilst they were a perfect length to start with, I wish I’d bought the slightly longer 22” wefts. Due to all the heat I blast these with, the ends have got really dry and split pretty drastically. Every few weeks I find myself hacking at them with scissors to avoid that matted look, which makes them shorter and shorter. As I always curl them and never wear them straight, that decreases the length too, so soon (hair growth permitting) my real hair will almost be as long as the wefts.



Brushing, styling, curling and backcombing has meant a lot of the thickness has been lost from these wefts. However, because they’re quad wefts, it’s not massively noticeable, but I am having to wear extra pieces with them rather than just the two by themselves.



Reading this, it would seem like I’ve destroyed these extensions. However: whilst they’re nowhere near as beautiful and silky smooth as they were when I got them, they’re still in pretty good condition. Given I wear them every day to work, and then absolutely destroy them most weekends in a backcombing/hairspray frenzy, they’ve held up really well.



I’ve had a couple of emails asking me how I style my Dirty Looks Quad Weft Extensions, especially with blunt cut hair. Here’s my guide:

will one quad weft be enough?

No. Get two. If your hair is super blunt and super short, get three or a full-head set. I just managed to get away with two at the beginning, but after loss of thickness have to either pad them out with extra wefts or wear my hair half-up.

where should I position my quad wefts?

I section my hair ear to ear and clip one weft midway up my head. With the second weft, I go much higher to the crown, so the wefts are layered.

how do I style my quad wefts with my real hair?

Now, some may disagree with me, but I rarely think hair extensions look good when they’re straight. I can almost always see where the real hair ends and the extension begins, and people usually end up with that rat-tail look. I always curl my extensions, or at least keep them wavy, and then curl the hair around my face to avoid the straight-to-curly divide.

do I need extra clip-ins with a quad weft?

Usually not at the beginning, but I’ve started adding in cheaper, thinner pieces from another hair extension set I have just to boost thickness. However, my hair is pretty thick, so if yours is thinner, you could probably get away with just the Dirty Looks Quad Wefts.

should I backcomb?

I know loads of people hate to backcomb (I am so not one of these people) but unfortunately, you need to do a little bit for your extensions to stay in and blend well. I backcomb the top hair to stop the extensions showing, and along the hairline where I clip the extensions in.


I hope this has inspired you to go and get some extensions of your own. I’ll probably repurchase some quad wefts soon, and I think I’ll go for the 22” for extra length.

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  1. To help keep extensions from getting too dry at the ends, apply some argan oil or Moroccan oil once a week to the extensions, concentrating on the ends. Extensions don’t get the natural oils from your scalp like your natural hair does, so a weekly nourishment treatment is essential to keep your extensions looking soft and fresh. I do this with all my extensions and it really helps prolong their life.

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