my favourite makeup tools: mac, liz earle and primark brushes

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I’m obsessed with makeup brushes, and am starting to consider myself a serial hoarder of the things. I am constantly discovering a new type of brush I just have to have which will improve my makeup application technique tenfold, and my collection is starting to get a bit ridiculous.

On a recent brush cull, I was thinking about which brushes I would consider my favourites. After much soul-searching, staring out at lakes and watching rain fall down my window, I decided on three: two high end, one super cheap.


favourite for powders: mac angled contour brush

I’d tell you the brush number but it’s worn away and I’m too lazy to Google. However have a gander online, because this brush is a triumph when it comes to applying power for baking. Whilst it’s not specifically sold for powder application, more for contour, I prefer it for precise setting powder application. It’s super versatile and feels really nice to use, both on the skin and as a tool.

favourite for detail: liz earle blend and contour brush

This teeny tiny brush is great for doing contour on your nose – that’s literally all I use it for. However, it remains one of my favourites because it gets just the right amount of powder on the bristles and deposits just enough on the skin – it’s like magic. I think this is meant for eyeshadow, but it’s lovely for detail work.

favourite for blending: primark stippling brush

A makeup junkie like me having Primark brushes almost seems a cardinal sin, but bare with me here. After picking up a couple a while back for a blog post, this is the only one I still use, and it’s part of my everyday routine. I use this for my cream contour and to buff out my foundation every day – it’s the perfect size for blending my Clinique Chubby Contour Stick into my cheekbones, forehead and nose. For literally less than a cup of coffee, you need this brush added to your collection ASAP.


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