friday favourites: mua pro base makeup fixing mist

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Did anyone ever spray hairspray over their makeup to set it in place? I am so guilty of this. Noone judge me, please.


Now that I’m a grown up and hairspray is not really acceptable, I’ve been looking to get my hands on a makeup setting spray. The Urban Decay one is £21, which feels a bit steep to pay for something which may or may not work, so I had a browse for some cheaper, drug store alternatives.

I purchased the MUA Pro Base Makeup Fixing Mist from Superdrug for £5. I originally wanted the Makeup Revolution one, which had been recommended to me but was out of stock – which I’m super glad about, having now discovered this one…

I spritz this mist over my face after applying all my makeup except for mascara and lip product – I once did it after mascara and the moisture made it smear everywhere. Think: damp panda.

I normally take this time to sort my hair or wash any makeup off my hands whilst it dries, which it does pretty quickly, even when I’ve doused myself in it before a night out. I find that it keeps my makeup in place and on point all day long; I’ve tried it before bar-hopping, going to work and hardcore shopping trips, and at the end of each day my makeup is still flawless. This is such a dream product, and for a snip of the price of Urban Decay, an absolute must-have.

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3 thoughts on “friday favourites: mua pro base makeup fixing mist

    1. My friends and I all used to do it before going out – now I look back and think how awful that must have been for my skin! It used to totally dry your face out and make it go a bit weird and stiff, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it! X

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