barry m lash vegas with fibres mascara review

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I’ve always wanted long, fluttery lashes. I remember when I was about six, sitting on a coach about to go somewhere on a school trip, when a teacher commented on ‘what lovely long eyelashes!’ the girl sat next to me had. How did that make me feel? One word: bitter.

It wasn’t fair. I wanted strangers to tell me what pretty lashes had. I’ve spent hundreds on mascaras over the years – expensive ones, drugstore ones, even gimmicky ones like the Younique mascara (read my review before you try!), and the results are never particularly great. Most recently, I was seriously disappointed by the famous They’re Real from Benefit, so turned back to drugstore brands – what was the point if none of them worked?


Enter Barry M’s Lash Vegas with Fibres Mascara, a super cheap high-street mascara with great results. Much like Younique, it’s unique selling point is the addition of fibres, supposed to make your lashes longer, thicker and fuller at the flick of a wand.

However, unlike the Younique mascara:

  • there is no fibre shedding throughout the day. No black fluff all over your cheekbones, smudging under your lids so you look like a panda.
  • it’s less than half the price. At £6.50 (and usually included in some 3 for 2 offer), it’s considerably more purse-friendly than £23 Younique.
  • it actually worked – for me, at least. (Whilst I’m not a fan of Younique personally, it must work for some – however on me, it didn’t do much, then shedded everywhere a few hours later).


Please forgive the rather slapdash photo here – I’d been at work all day, so my makeup has shimmied around my face somewhat – but still at the end of the day, my lashes are considerably fuller, thicker and longer than they’ve been with any other mascara.

Seriously, girls – if you’re struggling to get lashes you deserve, try out the Lash Vegas with Fibres mascara. I’m a little bit in love…

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