fall into autumn: makeup updates

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Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. I mean, I like sunshine; but in the autumn I can snuggle under layers of blankets, drink a pumpkin spice latte and watch all the X Factor I can handle. (Also, don’t tell anyone, but I really don’t like pumpkin spice lattes. I should probably hand in my basic-white-bitch card right about now.)


However, with autumn comes a drastic beauty overhaul. Gone are the dewy cheeks, glossy nude lips and bright naked eyes of spring/summer; it’s time to vamp it up!

Taking inspiration from New York Fashion Week (interspersed with some of my very own musings!) here are some top tips for fall gorgeousness…

berry hues

Okay, this one is probably the most obvious. Every year when winter rolls around, girls across the country spend hours poring over cosmetic counters trying to find that perfect berry lipstick. Much like the perfect little black dress, it’s hard to find, so get a head start…

Keep your berry lips bold and gothic a la Kylie Jenner, or with a just-bitten tinge like Michael Kors’ runway show.  Either way, purple pouts are totally in come fall – just make sure you don’t smudge it all over your Starbucks…

favourite berry hue product?

I loooooooove Sleek’s Matte Me in Fandango Purple. It’s not quite the usual shade of berry you see everywhere, as it’s a much more startling purple, and it dries quickly thanks to it’s matte lip lacquer formula. It’s also super cheap in Boots for around £5 or so, and lasts forever.


smokey eye vamp

Summer was all about a neutral eye – frankly, I think to avoid the sweaty raccoon look – but as soon as the cold snap creeps up, smokey is 100% back in. There’s nothing sassier than a dramatic eye peeking out between a woolly hat and oversized scarf.

Go crazy with your smoke like Cushnie et Ocs, who went pretty mad with their fat-tipped eyeliners on the runway at NYFW; or keep it delicate, using only powder to create a gentle charcoal glow.

favourite smokey eye product

I love a versatile product, and that’s what you get with Sleek’s Dip It Eyeliner. Because it’s liquid, to create a seriously dramatic look I apply on my lashline, smudge out with a brush, then reapply a sharp wing.


I always wear super jazzy clothes in the summer. Seriously eye-wateringly jazzy; so I keep my look pretty neutral (as not to give passers-by migraines).

However, in winter, fashion gets a bit more severe – a lot of blacks, browns and greys, topped off with bulky coats. With such a plain base to work with, play around with colour! Honor gave their models electric-blue liner, and Zac Posen models wore a slash of red lipstick.

favourite colourful product

Whilst I like the daring eyeshadow look, I find lipsticks easier to play around with. I really like the Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Unapologetic – it’s such a vibrant pop of colour but is also really nourishing, which is perfect for those frosty winter days.

Revlon (4)

pale and interesting

I reckon, on average, I spend around five hours per week tanning. Prepping my skin, shaving my legs, applying lotions and potions – and that’s all before the actual tanning begins. So imagine my delight when it’s jeans and jumper weather and tanning isn’t so important anymore!

Being orange in October just looks weird. Embrace the albino look and forgo the heavy bronzer; instead, focus more on a pink-cheeked, wind-bitten glow using a candy blush.

favourite pale and interesting product

Nars’ blush in Orgasm is my firm favourite blusher, and against pale skin, it looks absolutely beautiful.

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