oily skin sos: boots skin clear oil absorbing sheets & mattifying lotion review

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(Okay – what a seriously long and rambly title. Sorry about that, kids…)

Over the last few months, my normally very low-maintenance skin has got it’s knickers in a right twist. Usually one of the most easy to control aspects of my appearance, suddenly I’ve got spots everywhere, and a seriously oily T-zone, which I’m desperately trying to keep at bay. Once able to sleep in my eyeliner and only ‘cleanse’ with a baby wipe (yeuch), I’m now a slave to cleansers, toners, lotions and potions.


The oily thing is really starting to annoy me; having never had problem skin, the fact I now have issues keeping my makeup in place is seriously bugging me. So when I spotted the Boots Skin Clear range when picking up some beauty ‘essentials’ (ahem), I figured it couldn’t hurt to try….

Oil Absorbing Sheets

I’ve tried these before, but the Clean & Clear alternatives, which are super expensive. These Boots own ones were budget-friendly, and on a BOGOF offer to boot.

Never heard of these? Imagine them like little sheets of greaseproof paper which you dab onto the skin to absorb excess oil. The Boots ones have a light dusting of powder on them to minimise pores, and they can be used even when you’ve got makeup on with minimal smudging.

Whilst these were tricky to get out of the packet (you have to sort of rip them out of the spine, which I managed to epically fail the first few times) when I’d finally got my hands on one, it seemed to work pretty well. I don’t think my face was quite as oily as I thought, as there wasn’t a huge amount of residue on the paper; however, I did feel like they left my skin (nose especially) looking much more matte than I started.

For the price, they’re a bargain, so pop a packet in your handbag for those shiny moments…

Oil Free Mattifying Lotion

I was pretty skeptical about this lotion; usually, I feel that anything which ‘mattifies’ will be seriously drying and damaging. Think: liquid lipsticks, dry shampoos – anything which soaks up moisture to dry.

However, I thought this was worth a try underneath foundation – almost like a primer. Most primers leave my skin feeling greasy, so it’s never become a major part of my beauty regime.

The lotion is odorless, and supposedly reduces shine, absorbs excess oil, and mattifies complexion. I used a pea-sized amount on my fingertips and worked it into my clean, dry face, making sure to pay special attention to my problem areas. After letting it dry and absorb, I applied my usual makeup over the top.

I have to say – I didn’t really notice whether my complexion had dramatically become matte or not. That being said, my makeup went on smoothly, and actually remained in place pretty well all day, with much less shine and grease coming through. The lotion also didn’t dry my skin out whatsoever, which was a really pleasant surprise. I’d definitely keep using this – it certainly can’t hurt, and it seemed to do a good job!

The Verdict…

Oil absorbing sheets? Good. Oil absorbing lotion? Very good. I’d keep both of these products, but maybe not use the sheets that often – just in case of emergencies – but the lotion will probably remain part of my skincare routine. They’re cheap, affordable, and easily accessible – I’d definitely recommend these to any excess-oil-sufferers out there!

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