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I’m officially a grown up and moving into my very own flat today, so please forgive the super quick post!

This week I’m reviewing the foundation and powder from the Seventeen ‘Stay Time’ range – one of Boots’ most budget-friendly lines. I have to say, I don’t buy much from Seventeen – it’s not one of my staple brands – but I was persuaded by the bold claims of the Stay Time products.


The Stay Time products supposedly stay on all day long, with minimal wear and movement. Sounds a dream, right…


I love long wearing beauty products – when I’m a millionaire, I’ll wear Estee Lauder’s Double Wear everyday – but sadly I can’t quite bring myself to pay £30+ every time I need a new shade or bottle. And with my fluctuating fake tan, I need a fair few shades…

I splurged on two bottles of the Stay Time foundation, in shades Ivory and Natural – one for when I’m tanned, and one for when my albino side comes out. (I say splurged – it was any two products in the range for £8).

Initially I liked this product. It had a thick consistency which was pretty hard to spread on the face with a brush – but I took this as a good sign that it would be pretty hard wearing. Once blended, it looked good and the colour matched my skintone well.

However, the problems began a few hours later. Whilst initially it looked great on, over about three hours my skin became oily and much more greasy than it does usually. The foundation on my nose wore away extremely quickly – both on the top, where I normally get some oil and movement, but also down the sides (which very rarely happens). Soon I had big patches all over my face where my makeup had rubbed away – it was literally damp with grease. Definitely not a good look…



I tried the Stay Time powder twice – once with the foundation (eek) and once again over my usual products.

First time? It was pretty dire, but I initially put that down to the foundation I was using. Second time round I used it on top of my favourite skincare products and the results weren’t too bad; not as oily, but definitely not as long lasting as it promised.

This would be fine as a daytime touch up powder, but probably not for when hardcore beauty is required – think nights out and hot weather – as it doesn’t do a great deal…

The Verdict…

Out of the two, the powder I kept, with the foundation being stored away in my box of rejects/emergency products. Several days later I began to run out of my usual Estee Lauder foundation so used some of the Stay Time to bulk it out, and this actually worked well – no oiliness, but meant my expensive products lasted longer.

Whilst this blog is all about budget beauty, it’s not about false economy. Whilst £8 for two bottles of product sounds such a great deal, if it really does sound too good to be true, it probably is. Frankly, I would rather scrimp on other products in order to spend my money on a really good base – however, I doubt I’ll stop searching for the Holy Grail any time soon…

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