mehron celebre hd foundation: review

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If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you’ll have noticed that I’ve had some problems when it comes to my foundation. Whilst my skin isn’t particularly oily, dry, or flakey, recently my foundation hasn’t been settling well on certain areas of my skin.

Most noticeably, my nose. The foundation is rubbing away within minutes and never stays in place. I’m priming, I’m concealing, I’m exfoliating – and it’s still slipping right off. Believe me, it’s not a good look.

The best foundation I’ve found which solves this problem is Estee Lauder’s DoubleWear; however, when I reviewed this foundation, I noted that it’s pretty heavy and thick for everyday wear – also at £30 a pop, it’s not the most budget friendly option. I wanted a lighter formula with the same airbrushed look and coverage, that wasn’t going to break the bank.


Enter Mehron Celebre HD: the foundation of thespians, performers and (most importantly, in my eyes) my favourite-gal-pal Kylie Jenner. I read an article on the Daily Mail Sidebar of Shame which noted this was her go-to foundation, which lasts all day and literally doesn’t move when it’s applied. After a quick Google, I found it was only around £10 off Amazon or eBay as it’s technically considered stage makeup – think Ben Nye.

Colour & First Impressions

I ordered mine off eBay for £10.99, choosing shade Light 4. Having read a couple of reviews of this product – there aren’t many – people noted it was lighter than they were expecting, so go for a slightly darker shade. I also checked on swatches before choosing – I really wouldn’t advise picking a colour without a thorough Google first!


Luckily, my shade matched pretty well. Maybe a little more yellow than my skintone, but I was happy with the results. It comes in a pretty unassuming black screw top pan – to be honest, once it’s out of the actual cardboard packaging, it looks pretty cheap and crappy, like face paint.


I’m not a huge fan of wet foundation in a pot, but I persevered, using a small foundation brush to work the product onto my skin. After getting a good amount onto my face I buffed it with a Kabuki brush, and finished at my hairline with a beauty blender.

It feels a little greasy when you’re putting it on, and if you rush your makeup, I reckon this isn’t for you. I always bake on my highlighting with MAC Pro Set Powder, brush that off and then finish baking with Ben Nye Banana Powder, so it has a lot of time to dry on my face before contouring; if you’re a dab hand and need a quick-drying formula, this will probably be too malleable for you.

It had lovely even coverage, and it moved well over my face; it even seemed to cover my nose quite well. I applied powders to bake whilst I did the rest of my look, and it had pretty much dried by the time I came to buffing the powder off.

The Results

It wasn’t an earth-shattering makeover; I’ve heard lots of positive things saying it gives a super airbrushed look, and whilst I thought it was even and nicely applied, it didn’t look dramatically better than any of my other foundations. However, I was more after the long-lasting aspect, and given that I was pleased with the colour match and the formula, I couldn’t complain!


So: did it last? I applied this at 3pm and went to dinner with friends, in a very hot and sweaty kitchen where lots of things were cooking and lots of wine was drunk. Getting home, I noticed that literally nothing had moved – not only had the foundation stayed in place, but so had my shadow, my contour, and my blush. It seems the Mehron Celebre HD acts as a great base which keeps all your other elements locked in place.

Overall? I really like this. Cons are the crappy packaging and the slightly oily formula with a prolonged drying time, but the pros – cheap price, malleable formula, good colour and coverage, and long-lasting results – certainly outweigh these. I would buy this again and continue to use it, so I’d really recommend it to anyone who likes their makeup to stay in place all day.

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