I like to think that I’m a pretty loyal person. To my family; to my friends; and (most importantly, I reckon) to my favourite beauty brands.

 As a beauty blogger, one question I get asked is ‘what’s your favourite brand?’. People look at me expectantly, hoping I can give them one fabulous name which will solve all their beauty woes. No such luck…


There’s no one brand that I’ve found which ticks all of my boxes, and that’s the beauty of – well – beauty. You can mix and match luxury with budget, high pigment with natural, and extreme with reserved – but to achieve this, you’ll need more than one go-to brand.

Whilst I’ve not got one particular before-all-else brand, here are a few of my trusty favourites…


It’s a cliche, I know, but MAC really do know their makeup. I love their products because they cater for everyone – if you’re an amateur or a professional, they’ve got something for you.

Favourite MAC Product?

This would have to be my staple lipliner – Whirl, Kylie Jenner’s favourite. I adore how rich and bold the colour is, and how long-lasting it remains on my pout. I’d definitely recommend this for a dark nude shade on any skin tone.


Bringing a bit of luxury to the high street, Sleek do some great sturdy buys which look special for reasonable prices. Big compacts and bright colours mean they’re highly pigmented, which I love – I’m all about bold lips and striking contour, so Sleek is a cemented favourite.

Favourite Sleek Product?

I love the colour of the Fandango Purple Matte Me Lip Stain. It’s a shocking violet which looks amazing with a tan, and the matte formula dries to remain in place all day.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Okay, I admit – I’ve only ever bought the Dipbrow Pomade from ABH, but even this one product has meant the brand is firmly lodged in my top picks. Value for money is great, and generally the brand screams elegance, class and luxury – for not particularly steep prices. Now sold in the UK on sites such as BeautyBay and CultBeauty, I’m definitely planning on getting my hands on some more bits and pieces…

Favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills Product?

Duh – Dipbrow. I love, love, LOVE this product – my eyebrow routine has been shaken up like nobody’s business since this dropped through my letterbox. It’s easy to use and lasts forever, but when the time comes I’ll certainly repurchase.

Barry M

I’ve not really spoken much about Barry M on my blog before – I tend to wear the nail polishes and lipsticks mainly, but I love how bright and eye-catching their products are. Think of it like a high-street MAC, as their lip colours are equally as pigmented and long-lasting, and they’re super, super cheap.

Favourite Barry M Product?

Their nail varnishes are a no-brainer, but personally I get the most use from my 145 lipstick. A rich neon pink, this one is reserved for nights out where one application lasts from predrinks to pass out…


5 thoughts on “FAVES

  1. Reblogged this on Blu Owl Gypsy and commented:
    Beauty companies can be a mixed bag.
    Sometimes you can find tons of products under one line and other times, one or two products that are really stellar.
    With that being said, I loved how @mybudgetbeauty breaks it down to her favorites in some of the top lines.
    It’s worth the read!

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  2. Hi, totally agree with Mac knowing their make up, vast amount of products,colours and textures. One of my mid range faves for eyes is Bobbi Brown, also a good array of colours in eyeshadows/liners with great pay off.
    Borjois for a good budget foundation, Sleek palettes, plus Bare Minerals do some fab products in their range. I have a mixture of budget and higher end and the fun with make up is in the experimenting to see what works and mixing it up.
    Heidi x

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