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Hitting pan is the worst feeling in the world – it’s only a matter of time before the product becomes unusable, starts to crumble, or finishes altogether. It’s also a daunting reminder that I’ll need to nip out and repurchase soon, and my bank balance starts crying.

However, it does mean that you’ve got the opportunity to re-evaluate whether you actually would bother buying that product again – after a whole palette’s worth of wear, is it worth splurging on again? Here’s a few products which I’m deliberating over…

Originally, I absolutely adored this bronzer. I’ve never bought anything from Liz Earle before, and after trying this instore, I just had to have it!
Initially, I liked how it wasn’t orange on my skintone – and although it has a subtle shimmer, it wasn’t too overpowering.
However, over time, I started noticing that the intensity of colour was seriously fading throughout the day – I’d start off with a gorgeous glow, but by dinnertime would look considerably paler. I’d load more and more onto my brush, only for it to disappear by the end of the day. Perhaps this was because the four individual colours weren’t wearing down at an equal rate – maybe I liked one of the four colours better than the others, leaving me disappointed when it ran out?
Would I repurchase?
I’m not sure. I think I’d like to try a few others before I bought this one again – whilst I did like it, the colour intensity wasn’t consistent enough for me.

I stumbled upon this entirely by accident, as I got this blush as a freebie when buying the Dual Intensity shadows palette. I’ve heard great things about Orgasm (ooher), and I can honestly say this is the best freebie I’ve ever got. I absolutely love the colour and it lasts like a dream on my skin. I was disappointed that the powder began to crumble away as it hit pan, making quite a lot of it useless, but I can overlook this – I’m totally in lust with this!
Would I repurchase?
100% – unless I could find a cracking dupe, this blush is definitely my go-to colour now. Get me to Nars ASAP!


A total impulse buy, this contour kit has been used and abused from day one. The contouring shade is just the right tone for my skin – not too orange, nice and ashy – and the highlighting powder isn’t too pale. I do prefer the highlight side, as I don’t feel the darker powder is much different from a regular bronzer, but it’s certainly a budget buy.
Would I repurchase?
It’s a super cheap alternative to more high end contour kits, and comes in a really good sized mirrored compact, which I really like. Highlighting powder is a definite re-buy, and the contour powder is just an added bonus. Yes please!

If you’ve been reading my blog recently (of course you have), you’ll have noticed a common theme – a constant struggle to find a perfect face powder. After getting fed up of an oily nose, I decided to step away from my usual powders and try this one, given the glowing reviews across the blogosphere.
Unfortunately, whilst I’ve hit pan, I probably won’t continue to use it past this point. I don’t like the consistency and it leaves my makeup looking chalky, greasy and certainly not matte like it claims, wearing away within an hour or so.
Would I repurchase?
Definitely not. Rimmel isn’t my favourite drugstore brand – I find it a little overpriced for the quality – and this powder hasn’t really done anything it promised. Solid no for Rimmel…

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14 thoughts on “products i’ve hit pan on

  1. Great post – gotta try the Seventeen contour kit, it sounds perfect for me 🙂 Shame about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder as it gets so much great reviews, I’m kinda on the fence with it – not sure if I’d repurchase again too as I don’t seem to use it as much as I thought I would. Think I might try the bourjois powder next! 🙂 Karen xo

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  2. I’ve heard for years that NYX Powder Blush in Flushed is a dupe for Nars Orgasm, but have never tried either. I do like NYX’s formula, though. And this is such a great idea for a blog post!

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