About three days ago, I wrote a quick post about my lust-haves for July – one of them being the MAC Pro Set Powder in Invisible. Within twenty minutes of the post going live, I’d ordered the powder and opted for express delivery. (Seriously, my willpower levels are through the floor.)


It arrived today just before I was due to get ready for work, which gave me a perfect opportunity to try it out. I’ve heard pretty great things about this powder, with people using it for highlighting, baking on foundation, and just general wear. My current powders weren’t giving me the matte finish I was after – even the famed Ben Nye luxury powders were flaking and caking after a few hours – so this product had a lot to prove!


Packaging wise, the Set Powder comes in a pretty hefty clear pot, with a heavy duty lid and built-in sifter. It looks expensive, professional and like it contains a good amount of product – I was actually pretty pleased with how much you got for £22.50. It does say on the back of the packaging that it is for professional use only, so I doubt you’re able to buy this in stores without some sort of pro membership, but ordering online was just as quick.

Whilst I liked the packaging, I will say that my first impression of the sifter is fairly negative. I’m not a huge fan of pots with sifter lids as I find them quite awkward to use, but this one takes the biscuit – I spent a good ten minutes shaking it about like a lunatic to get the teeniest amount of powder into the lid. Eventually I gave up and actually prised the sifter off with my nails, which gave me considerably better access to the product.


I tried the powder out in several different ways, so I could see how it wore off throughout the day in different areas of my face. After using concealer under my eyes, on my chin and down my nose as a daytime highlight, I used a beauty sponge to pat on the powder – a technique known as ‘baking’ your makeup. Leaving a thick layer of powder on these areas for ten minutes plus allows it to really set the liquid products, giving your skin a lovely airbrushed finish, and making your highlighted areas beautifully bright and matte.

After a few minutes I buffed the excess powder into my skin. The areas where I’d applied the Pro Set felt silky smooth, and looked perfectly matte and polished – I was feeling pretty good about this already!
I also used a thin coat of the powder to finish off my face. Using my Laura Mercier dual fibre finishing brush, I dusted the powder all over my face just before leaving the house, to see whether it really would set my look all day long.


The burning question – how did it do?
Most noticeably, my biggest problem area – my nose – remained intact all day. This was a big deal – I’ve noticed recently my nose gets oily and my makeup tends to rub away, leaving me looking rather like Rudolph – so I was super excited it had tackled this issue head on. Similarly, the rest of my makeup stayed in place pretty well, and my skin felt soft and looked oil-free until hometime.
My verdict? I’m a little bit in love. Whilst I would say MAC is one of my favourite beauty brands, there are some products that have certainly put me off (MAC Prep & Prime, I’m looking at you), but this Pro Set Powder has definitely rekindled the spice in our relationship…




    1. That was definitely the main reason I love this – my nose gets super oily, especially in hot weather, so the fact it kept my makeup in place was such a winner. I’d really recommend it! X


  1. I’m really loving the Coty Airspun finishing powder. It’s inexpensive (less than $6 US) and works great for baking, setting, touch ups… You name it. I remember my grandma using this (it’s been around since the 1930s). I can see why it’s been around so long.

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  2. I love mac too but also hate prep and prime, I have put off buying this because I was scared id be stuck with a powder like prep and prime – please can you tell me the difference between the two???


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