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One of my housemates is on a dating site. Recently, she received a (seriously creepy) email regarding financial domination. Would she be prepared to allow a total stranger to buy her presents for nothing in return? Could she send over a link to her Amazon wishlist? And how much money would she like wired to her bank account?

Fortunately – or unfortunately, however you look at it – nothing really came from this, and the emails dried up. However, it got me thinking about what should go on my July beauty wishlist, should any kindly strangers fancy buying me a few pressies…

MAC Pro Set Powder in Invisible

I’ll admit – it’s on my wishlist, but I’ve definitely just bought this online. (I caved in and bought the much coveted Whirl lipliner too – solely for the free delivery, of course. I’m very practical.)


I’m really struggling with powders at the moment,  and I’m starting to notice my makeup looking a little cakey towards the end of the day. I’ve never had this issue before so tried mixing up my foundation/concealer brands, to no avail. My nose especially is looking a bit dubious, and I’ve decided the next step is swapping my powder. After trying everything from Rimmel Stay Matte to Ben Nye Banana, I’ve decided I might have to splurge a little to get the desired matte coverage I’m after. Fingers crossed that’s £22 well spent…

NYX Makeup Setting Spray

I follow NYX Makeup on Instagram, and I spend a good portion of my day salivating over their posts. I’ve never actually bought anything from NYX – there’s no concessions near me so I’ve never got the opportunity to try it out, which makes me reluctant to buy online – but I’ve heard great things about their setting sprays.


My makeup does stay nicely in place all day, but I notice the intensity of my blush and eyeshadow does fade a little, which is primarily what I’m looking to use a setting spray for. Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out (boo), so I’m waiting until I can get my hands on it to test it out!

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter

If you’ve read some of my blog posts before, you’ll have noticed that I have a real struggle with highlighters. After the disaster that was the Rimmel Good to Glow (bleugh), I’ve steered clear of liquid highlighters and I’m leaning towards a powder. I quite like Sleek’s version that comes in their Face Form Trio palette, but it’s a bit dark for my skin tone – and not quite as illuminating as I would like.


I’ve used some Makeup Revolution products before, and they’re cheap, cheerful, and good all-rounders. I’ve read really good things on other beauty blogs about these Vivid Baked Highlighters, and for £3, I don’t think I can resist…

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8 thoughts on “july beauty wishlist

  1. That is so scary! I got an email a while back from a friend of mine saying that she was in a foreign country and had her purse stolen. She needed money for food and lodging, and asked if I could wire her some to a bank account. I was able to get in touch with her relatives because I was worried that maybe they didn’t know what was going on. They were surprised since she was actually there at their house for dinner! Someone had hacked her email account! A bunch of other people in her address book got the same email as well. You just never know these days!

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  2. I order from NYXCosmetics.com all the time, and I have never had a problem! I love all of their products because they are so inexpensive, but they work really well. I have the matte setting spray and I love it! Have you tried the NARS translucent setting powder? I love this, and it doesn’t make me look cakey!


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