sleek matte me lip cream: review

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You’re not having a deja vu: another matte lip stain has made it into my Friday Favourites…

I am now officially obsessed with the matte liquid lipstick trend which is sweeping blogs like wildfire. A few weeks ago I reviewed the super budget MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers –  a considerably cheaper alternative to cult beauty buys such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks and LimeCrime’s notorious Velvetines. I lo-o-oved the shade Halcyon from MUA (which has now become one of my makeup kit staples), but wasn’t too impressed with the brighter colours. I wanted the staying power of a matte lip cream with the pigmentation and vibrancy of a lipstick – is that too much to ask?

Enter Sleek’s Matte Me Lip Stains. I am a huge fan of the Sleek brand – I think it’s affordable, but looks expensive, both in packaging and on the skin. I stumbled across their matte lipstick range this weekend and couldn’t resist picking up a vibrant red shade (Rioja Red) and a stunning violet (Fandango Purple) – at only £5 and on a BOGOF offer, why not!

This review will predominantly be about Fandango Purple. The red shade is equally as beautiful, but because the violet is so different I focused primarily on this one. The consistencies and staying power are basically equal, so all comments apply to both shades.


This is the one bugbear I have about these lip stains – the applicator. In the store when swatching on the back of my hand, the testers had a slanted doe foot applicator, which personally I find pretty easy to use – I’ve got thin, arched lips which complement the shape of the wand. However, when I opened my purchased lippies, they both have a pretty unpleasant straight, flat wand head (a bad description, I know). I find these seriously tricky to use as they have a rounded tip and no angles – it feels like I’m wiping the product onto my lips, not smoothing it on.


However, once you’ve gotten over that initial hurdle (a first world problem if I’ve ever seen one), the product goes on fairly smoothly. It doesn’t dry too quickly so you’ve got time to perfect your look, and neither shade was streaky or patchy on my lips.


Matte lipsticks are meant to be pretty hardcore and last all day, right? I applied Fandango Purple at 1.30pm to wear to work (boldest lip colour in the office by far) and at 8.30pm it was still going strong. It had faded a little in the centre of my lips, due to manic coffee consumption and bubblegum popping, but not enough to require another application.


These lip colours smack you in the face with pigment. They are so bright, vivid and vibrant that I absolutely adore the colours, and need to get my hands on the entire collection as soon as possible.

Doubled Up

One problem I found with the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers was the difficulty in layering the product over liners, lipsticks or balms – the lacquer would get greasy and flake away. These Matte Me creams go perfectly over other products, meaning you can have a beautiful sharp outline with a lipliner, or create even more vibrancy with lipstick underneath. I like to line my lips, apply Matte Me, and then define the edges with a concealer/ pale shade eyeshadow pencil.


Not sure if you guys can tell – but I’m addicted to these! Definitely my favourite purchase for a while, these matte lipsticks are certainly going to become a regular part of my beauty regime. Now I just need all the other shades…


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