estee lauder double wear foundation: review

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When I was little, I used to trail after my mum in department stores as she went from counter to counter, swatching foundations on her jawline and dithering about shade choices. I remember sore feet and the feeling of immense boredom as she flitted from YSL to Lancome, never quite satisfied with her purchase – always on the hunt for a better colour match, heavier coverage, and longer lasting formula. Surely finding a foundation couldn’t be all that difficult?

Well, twelve-year-old-me was an idiot.

Looking at my selection of foundations now, I don’t know how I ever got away with just one bottle – and I’m still on the lookout for my next one. I find that there’s always something slightly iffy about every foundation I buy – it’s not heavy enough; the shade is off; or the formula is greasy. It’s an expensive and time consuming task, but I’m relentless – I will find my perfect foundation!

I like foundation which is pretty heavy duty, especially as the weather is getting warmer. So enter Estee Lauder’s famed Double Wear Foundation, the most well-known hardcore foundation out there.

Budget Tip: Check the Outlets

I’ve wanted to get my hands on this for a while, so after much deliberation (lies) I caved in and bought it. I got my bottle from The Cosmetics Company at the York Designer Outlet, meaning it was £20 rather than £29 – what a bargain!

I went for shade Honey Bronze, which was slightly too dark in hindsight – however, this foundation will primarily be used for nights out over fake tan, so I’m not too concerned.


The Review

It blends beautifully on the skin, and I found when using a flat-topped kabuki brush you get a gorgeously soft airbrushed look. The foundation starts to dry fairly rapidly, and the first few times I used it I struggled to contour on top of it because of this. You certainly need a quick touch to blend contouring well before it sets!

So, the burning question; does it really last as long as it claims?

I’ve worn this foundation for some nights out, and during the day. On both occasions, it stayed put and kept the rest of my makeup in place – cue choirs of angels singing hallelujah. It doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin, but if you’re not used to wearing thick foundation it’ll be a bit of a shock to you.

I don’t think that I would wear this everyday – I am aware of how heavy it is and I reckon you need to cut your skin a bit of slack. However, for special occasions I’d certainly turn to my Double Wear, safe in the knowledge that my look was going to stay put all day long…

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11 thoughts on “estee lauder double wear foundation: review

    1. MAC Studio Sculpt is definitely another one I want to try – I just wasn’t massively impressed with a previous MAC foundation so I’m keeping my eyes peeled at the outlet for discounted ones!


  1. Ahhhh yes I’ve been searching for a really short review on this foundation, you answered all my questions! I’ve been wanting to try this for ages, even if I had it for special occasions it’d be so great to have the confidence that my makeup wasn’t going to wear off! x

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