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If you’ve been keeping an eye on my Twitter recently, you’ll have noticed that I ventured off to the stunning capital of Italy on a little four day excursion – having never been to Rome before, I was so excited to get there!

So excited, in fact, that I packed badly. (Seriously badly – I forgot a toothbrush, which should indicate my levels of scattiness.) I only took hand luggage with me, so my beauty regime needed to fit in one clear plastic bag. Once I’d arrived and looked at my selection of products, I realised I had brought literally nothing of value and everything was useless. Minimal exaggeration here.

A pot of foundation – but I’d forgotten a powder. An old eyeliner, which had subsequently dried out, and no lip products – bar one scabby looking lip pencil. My beauty bag was seriously depressing.

Whilst my holiday beauty was a massive fail for me, here are some tips to make it a little less so for you…

Before the Holiday

Think ahead

Now, for anyone who has even half a brain (unlike myself), this should be obvious. But I’ll just reiterate it for you – think ahead about what you need to pack!

Base, brows, eyes, lips – have you got something which ticks every box? Do you have corresponding brushes? Once in the middle of a foreign country, attempting to buy a stippling brush from a farmacia off the Pantheon probably won’t go down too well…

Save the Space

Brushes – do you really need to take so many? I know this sounds shocking coming from me – the proud owner of around 30 brushes – but when you’ve got a minimal weight allowance on your luggage, you can probably leave those extra ones behind.

Pack brushes which can be used for several things – however, putting blush on a bronzer brush makes me feel a bit nauseous, so I’d invest in a cheap travel set you don’t mind chucking once your back.

Dual Purpose

Bring products which you can use for several things – eyeshadow is great for filling in brows or contouring and highlighting; bring a shimmer brick to double up on bronzer and blush; and pack tinted lip balm which can act as a glossy lipstain. Keep irrelevant products to an absolute minimum!

Don’t Pack Your Favourites

How often do you hear of luggage getting misplaced, damaged or stolen? Well, no-one is getting away with my hoards of beauty products, so I make sure to take things I wouldn’t necessarily mind losing. Foundation samples, older powders, and things nearly running out are perfect for less-glam holidays.

1470020_10153275645651023_1538587594108974074_n - Copy

On Holiday


I cannot stress enough how vital wearing sunscreen is, so make sure you don’t forget to wear it on your face as well as your body. If you’re wearing makeup during the daytime, opt for something with SPF in so you’ve got a double barrier of protection.

Handbag Essentials

My handbag at home weighs a ton. It’s full of absolute rubbish. However, a holiday handbag requires a total change of mentality – less is absolutely more when you’re lugging it down cobbled streets and past landmarks. (Plus, you need easy camera access, right?)

If you’re wearing makeup during the daytime, take bare essentials – lip product and powder. Try to leave brushes back at the hotel – opt for a powder with a puff to save space.

If it’s just too hot to be glammed up in the day, take an SPF lipbalm and leave it at that.

BB Beauty

When arriving in Rome, I had makeup on. After getting to my hotel in the 33 degree heat, I did not – it had sweated off in rivers, leaving me shiny and a bit bedraggled around the edges.

Holidays are hot, so suck it up – makeup will move. Personally, I abandoned makeup during the day as it just wouldn’t stay put; however, I still liked to use a BB cream which had an SPF in it to even my skin tone. Pack a BB cream for daywear and leave foundation for the cooler evenings!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Heat dries your skin, so a travel sized moisturizer is absolutely essential (and one of the things I forgot. Don’t judge). By the final day, my skin was super dry – which also means a tan fades faster, for those tanorexics out there.

Similarly, don’t forget your pout. I wear lipstick or gloss every day, which means my lips are consistently moisturized, and I forgot to bring anything like that with me – including a lip balm. Two days in and my lips were chapped and painful in the heat, forcing me to spend 6 Euro in a farmacia for a Blistex – definitely not the dream…


Coming Home

Cull the Excess

Realistically, are you going to wear that shadow when you get home? Is there any point lugging that last bit of foundation back across the pond?

When on holiday, I go on the basis that anything I take with me, I wouldn’t care if I lost. After four days in Rome, I realized I wouldn’t be wearing a vast majority of the products again – there was a reason they weren’t in my daily beauty routine – and binned a good 3/4 of my stuff. Be brutal!


I’ve come home with burnt shoulders, blisters and frizzy hair, but loved every minute of Rome. Hopefully next time I’ll take my own advice into account…

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13 thoughts on “my holiday beauty tips

  1. This list is full of great tips! I haven’t tried a BB cream yet but I swear by my tinted moisturizer with SPF when I’m traveling.

    At least you got to enjoy beautiful Roma, despite your packing mishaps. I went a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed every second. Especially the gelato! Ciao 🙂

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  2. I think this post was wonderful! really great tips! and I thought this whole “I have just useless stuff with me” is hilarious, often enough had the same problem! 😀

    I wish you a beautiful day!
    – Pamela

    Liked by 1 person

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