Sometimes, I seriously wish I was a man. Besides the fact that showering takes all of thirty seconds and buying clothes is so much easier, when prepping for a night out, men have it made. Throwing on a clean(ish) t-shirt, their least scabby shoes and a squirt of Lynx means they look half decent – and they’re ready to party.


The Boyfriend does not seem to comprehend that for me, a night out routine begins several days before. Nails done? Several tan layers applied? Hair washed the day before so it’s not too clean? Tick, tick, tick. (‘Surely, getting ready only takes about an hour?’ he asked incredulously this weekend, as I made him leave at 3pm, so I’d be ready for 7. I was not impressed.)

After a bank holiday weekend of celebrating and mayhem, I thought it would be fun to share my party essentials with you. Partly due to the fact I still haven’t emptied my clutch bag from the Saturday night…

A Streak Free Tan

St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse in Dark, Around £4, Savers & Boots

Whether you’re after a natural bronze, or a full-on TOWIE glow, my favourite tanning product is St Moriz self tanning mousse. ‘Blessed’ (ahem) with pale Welsh skin from my Dad’s side, I have been searching for the perfect tanning product for numerous years – one which wasn’t going to streak or break the bank.

Having tried St. Tropez, Fake Bake and even celeb-endorsed products (such as the Chloe Simms and Lauren Goodger tanning lotions), I can safely say that St Moriz is my favourite. The mousse is coloured so you can clearly see where you’ve applied it – meaning less streaks and unfortunate white patches – and it doesn’t smell half as ‘biscuity’ as other tanning products I’ve tried. If you’re in need of a super speedy basting, St Moriz is perfectly wearable as an instant tan.


Top Tip
Pump of St Moriz  + a squirt of intensive body lotion on a mitt = a more natural colour and super soft skin.

Fluttering Lashes

Kiss True Volume Real Hair Tapered Lashes in Posh, £5, Boots

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed (it’s here!), you’ll know that I’ve been on the hunt for some real hair false eyelashes. When ambling through my spiritual home of Boots last weekend, I came across the brand Kiss – who had some real-hair lashes for only £5.

These lashes have tapered ends, so they blend beautifully with your own. They’re so easy to apply and look gorgeously natural – and at £5, they’re slightly cheaper than Eyelure alternatives. The glue is fab and I found the lashes stayed on perfectly all night long, with no peeling from the edges, and withstood several re-applications of mascara.


Top Tip
Use tweezers to place the lashes precisely along your lashline + the handle of a thin makeup brush to flatten down the band.

A Hardcore Matte Powder

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, £4, Boots

There’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom after a couple of mojitos, glancing in the mirror, and noticing that you’ve danced your makeup away. I always make sure I’ve got a hardcore mattifying powder stowed away in my clutch bag, ready to combat any makeup emergencies that may spring themselves on me.

My favourite matte powder is Rimmel’s Stay Matte. It’s hardcore, it’s long-lasting and it does exactly what is says on the tin – it stops shiny foundation, bleeding lipstick and smudging eyeliner. It’s a great price for the amount of product you get, and it’s translucent so it doesn’t add any extra unwanted colour to your look.


Top Tip
Using your finger, pat some powder onto lipstick or damp eyeliner to lock into place.

A Feisty Fragrance

New Look Pure Dusk EDT, Around £8, New Look

Confession time: I wear far, far too much perfume. I douse myself in it, spritz it onto my clothes, and would bathe in it if it was socially acceptable…

I’m always on the lookout (sniffout?) for new perfumes, especially budget ones which I can stick in my handbag for emergencies. Night outs can pose a problem – I want something which smells lovely, but won’t break the bank if it gets damaged or lost. Impulse and other aerosol-based scents are a bit sickly-sweet and synthetic, and remind me of puberty and disappointment – so what’s a classier alternative?

Enter New Look’s range of Pure… fragrances: Pure Blush, Pure Devotion, Pure Touch, and Pure Dusk. I smelt them all instore and thought all of them were great, but plumped for Pure Dusk – a musky, sexy frangrance which is a great dupe for Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle. It lasts for a long time, smells gorgeous and comes in a small bottle which is perfect for handbags – what more could you ask for!

Top Tip
Apply perfume to freshly moisturized skin – it will last longer on the skin.

A ‘Look At Me’ Lip Colour

 Revlon Colourburst Balm in Unapologetic, £8, Boots

I reviewed Revlon’s Colourburst balm here – I loved it then, and I still love it now!

I’m a serial lip-biter – and not in a saucy Ana-from-Fifty-Shades kind of way. Anything that will soothe and moisturize, whilst looking fabulous, is a winner for me. This balm has a gorgeous minty smell, and comes in a variety of gorgeously bright and summery colours. Nothing says party time like a bright pop of colour, and these Colourburst balms are the perfect product for making a statement.

Top Tip
Make sure you blot your lippie and seal with powder to keep it looking vibrant all night.

A Teasing Brush

Boots Teasing Tail Comb in Pink, Around £2, Boots

All girls know that hair can go from fat to flat in a matter of moments: humidity in the club or drizzle between bars can pose a disaster for your ‘do. My secret weapon is the teasing tail comb from Boots – perfect for backcombing, shaping and sectioning, this comb is a snip at £2.

When backcombing, make sure you’re gentle; always cover the backcombed area with a sleek section of hair to avoid a matted, straggly look. This comb makes it an absolute doddle, and is a night out essential!


Top Tip
Clean hair will not hold shape – make sure you’ve got some product in your tresses to keep volume.



11 thoughts on “OUT OUT

  1. Great post 🙂 I love the Stay Matte powder – it really does a great job at keeping me shine free. Looking forward to trying out the Revlon balm – I’ve just used up my Clinique Chubby stick so I think that’s my next balm purchase 😀 Karen xo

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