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If you’re a regular follower of My Budget Beauty (of course you are), you may recall that a few weeks ago, I reviewed W7’s Loads of Lashes. I was really wanting to get my hands on Younique’s Moodstruck Fiber Lash mascara but wasn’t too sure about the hefty price tag, and the W7 Loads of Lashes seemed a pretty similar product – God bless a good dupe.

However, I wasn’t particularly impressed with W7’s alternative: it left me pretty cold, and didn’t curb my appetite for Younique’s mascara in any way. When I was approached by the lovely April, a Younique representative who suggested she send me a Moodstruck mascara to try, I jumped at the chance.


Now, before I start this article: you guys know me, and I’m not the type to gush about something if I don’t love it. Whilst I’ve been sent the Younique mascara to review, this is my totally honest opinion – no sucking up here. Pinky swear.

Younique: What is it?

In the set from Younique, you receive two mascara wands: one is a ‘transplanting gel’ mascara, which sounds like a horrific science experiment, and the other is a fiber-lash wand.


The fiber-lash wand, instead of containing a gel like a mascara, actually contains thousands of teeny tiny dry green-tea fibers. Once brushed onto the lashes which have been prepped with the ‘transplanting gel’ (shudder), these fibers act as eyelash extensions, making your lashes longer, thicker and bolder: a perfect alternative to false lashes.


First Impressions

OK, can I just say – getting sent makeup from America kind of made me feel a bit like a celebrity. Seriously.

The Younique Moodstruck mascara is packaged bizarrely – it arrived in what I’m assuming is meant to be a protective carry case, but just looked like a cheap glasses case you’d get free with your Boots-own specs. The tubes themselves are sleek and have a nice weight to them, and are labelled so you won’t get them mixed up during application.


How to Use

Before use, I had a quick mosey around YouTube, watching some tutorials on how best to apply my 3D fiber lashes. There seemed to be conflicting opinions on the best way to use Younique’s cult product: apply from the base of the lashes? No, apply just to the tip! Use a coat of mascara first – no, just use the transplanting gel! 

In the end, I’ll admit – I just winged it (I’m doing a Master’s degree; surely a mascara couldn’t flummox me?), but if you want some proper information on how to apply, I’ve nabbed this off Younique’s official website:

Three simple steps to long, sexy lashes
  1. Apply an even coat of Transplanting Gel to lashes.
  2. Immediately Apply Natural Fibers while Transplanting Gel is wet.
  3. Seal the fibers with Transplanting Gel. Repeat until you’ve reached desired fullness.

I’ll admit it – it’s considerably easier to use than I was anticipating. It does take a little while longer to apply than regular mascara, as you’re having to go back and forth between the wands – and if you’re super picky it can take a little while to make both eyes even.


I curled my lashes first, and started off with a slick of transplanting gel. I then brushed on the fibers  to the ends of my lashes only – I didn’t want to drop any into my eyes – and repeated the process three times. Once I’d finished applying Younique’s products, I sealed my lashes with a coat of my own mascara. I also used the Moodstruck mascara on my lower lashes, to really get an idea of how effective it could be.


I was expecting pretty amazing things from Younique; I’ve heard so many fantastic things, seen so many great before and after shots, and watched so many gushing video reviews – so surely, it was going to be fantastic?


In reality, I’m left a little disappointed. I took some before and after photos of my lashes, and whilst it looked pretty good up close on a photo, when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t really tell the difference. I know that it’s not going to be as dramatic a change as if you were wearing falsies; but to me, it just seemed like I was wearing excessive amounts of mascara.

However, I was probably a little jaded, given how much hype I’d experienced about the product. Later that day – genuinely peeved because nobody had mentioned my sassy new look – I snagged The Boyfriend and demanded he look at my eyelashes. ‘Do they look different?’, I asked; fear passed across his face as he scanned mine, frantically searching for clues to try and give me the right answer. It was tense.


‘They don’t look longer?’

‘Well, to be honest, they just look the same. Or shorter. Because you don’t have those fake ones on.’ The Boyfriend began getting into his stride. ‘And they look a bit clumpy. Look, those ones are all stuck together.’

After The Boyfriend jabbed me in the eye, I scrutinized my lashes in the mirror. At 10am when I’d first applied Younique, my lashes had looked okay; however now, at 8pm after a day at work, they had become messy, clumpy, and the mascara had smudged off onto my browbone and cheekbones – a definite no-no in my book. I also had a black fiber stuck to my cheek, which can never be a good thing. It got me thinking – was Younique a little too good to be true?

My Thoughts

“This is quite possibly the most mood-altering, life-changing product in the cosmetics world!”, Younique boldly claim on their website (life-changing? Really?). Did I think it was mood-altering and life-changing? No. Not really. In fact, not at all.

At 10am, I thought it was okay. Seemed to do what it claimed – possibly not to the extent I would have liked – and was fairly harmless. I had slightly fuller, longer lashes, and that was fine by me.

At 8pm, I had a messy, clumpy set of lashes. I had fibers on my face, and smudging on my cheekbones. I felt like the fibers had probably come away throughout the day, as my lashes didn’t really look any different than normal now – perhaps they’d been shedding off all afternoon?

Overall, I’m pretty miffed about the whole experience. I have quite thin lashes, so was really excited to get my hands on a product which could change this without use of glue or falsies – however in reality, I felt like Younique didn’t really do this at all.

If I’m honest, I can’t envisage myself using Moodstruck again any time soon. I’m so happy that I got to try the product, but I feel like had I paid money for the mascaras, I’d be bitterly peeved. I also thought it wasn’t particularly better than the budget alternative I’d previously reviewed – both had pretty similar flaws. I so wanted to love this product – but I can’t bring myself to, which is a real kicker.

Obviously, every product won’t work for every blogger. I would still say go ahead and try Younique – just because I didn’t love it, doesn’t mean you won’t! Perhaps I’m just not a fan of the whole fiber-lash thing, given I didn’t particularly enjoy using W7’s product either?

A huge thank you to April for sending me this product to try!

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16 thoughts on “younique moodstruck 3D fiber lashes mascara: review

  1. I appreciate your honesty, my friend. 😘 You are correct that sometimes some products don’t work for everyone. Quick question, did you do gel, fibers, gel when you did this 3 times? Or did you just put 3 coats of fibers only on and then seal with your own mascara? If the latter, that would be why you have the little fibers everywhere. Our “gel” is a bit thicker than regular mascara (as your probably noticed!) so the fibers need that to stick to.


    1. Oh no – don’t be afraid! Give it a whirl. I know that feeling though – looking in the mirror to smudged makeup and being like “have people SEEN me looking like this?!” 😂


  2. I’m glad to read this, someone who thinks it looks clumpy!!! It’s really put me off with peoples photos saying how wonderful it is when in fact I think it looks clumpy and odd! X


  3. Hi.. What a bummer that this didn’t work for you.. I ordered mine fiber lashes well over 6 months ago, and I love them to this day. It took me severs tries to get my eyelashes the way I wanted.. What I do, I take my Fav mascara in Mac Haute& Naughty and apply that first, then I continue with the gel, and then the fibers and repeat.. Maybe try it this way next time.. 💖


  4. I ordered mine yesterday and I’m really excited to try it, I hope it will work for me.
    The Boyfriend is honest and nice! The only masculine opinion I have at home is my brother’s :
    “do I look good?” “Nah, you look ugly”. EACH TIME. hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

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