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I woke up today feeling cranky. Cranky for absolutely no reason whatsoever, which is the worst type of cranky. As the day wore on, I realised: no amount of online shopping, black coffee and Jeremy Kyle was going to ease this dark cloud.

So, my darling readers, you will bear the full force of my bad mood in today’s post, in which I bitch and moan about some products that I regret buying. (Don’t worry: I love you all quite a lot. I’m not narky with you. Promise.)

I don’t often actively regret a beauty purchase. Normally, if something doesn’t suit me or I don’t like the consistency/texture/application/pigmentation (take your pick: I’m super fussy), it gets discarded pretty quickly, living in the dark depths of my makeup drawer until it gets binned in sudden cleaning frenzy. However, I never normally regret buying it, because hey – everything is worth a shot, surely?

However, here are three products that I seriously wish I hadn’t wasted my money on. I’m not saying that these won’t work for you, though: something I’ve learnt blogging is one size does not fit all!

MAC Prep + Prime Skin (£21)

Are you planning on dressing up as Edward Cullen to a Hallowe’en party? If your answer is no, this is certainly not the product for you.

A primer with ‘special-effect silicones’ (read: glittery bits), this primer by MAC was one of my first big-spender beauty purchases. It’s been sat in my makeup bag for years, basically unused, and there are several reasons for this:

It’s far too glittery.

Seriously, I know it’s a primer and you’re putting foundation over the top, but it still sparkles on through. Glitter should be reserved for your eyelids, and even then only used sparingly.

It doesn’t dry quickly whatsoever.

You have to dither around for ten minutes letting it dry, otherwise applying product is near impossible – it just slithers off your face.

It doesn’t seem to work.

I’d forgive the sparkles and the lengthy drying time if only it did what it said on the tin – and it doesn’t. My nose is much oilier than the rest of my face and is really the only place a primer would make a difference: yet this makes no impact and my makeup still wears quickly in this area. I don’t feel that it makes my look last longer whatsoever – a big thumbs down for a primer, especially at £21.

Why I regret my purchase…

An overly expensive primer which doesn’t seem to do what it claims, and leaves you sparkling like a disco-ball. Not impressed!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Highlighting Pen (£25)

Much like Kate Middleton’s hair, Nando’s chicken and Big Brother, I don’t quite understand all the fuss…

I’m fairly sure this is going to be an unpopular choice – however, if you love the Touche Eclat, feel free to let me know. I’ve got the impression that YSL’s famous highlighter pen is like Marmite: you either love it or hate it. I’ve been using one for the last few weeks in a desperate attempt to fall in love with it, but it just hasn’t happened, and here’s why:

It’s chalky and cakey.

Once it dries, the YSL highlighter formula is actually pretty poor. I find that on my (fairly normal) skin, it dries with a chalky consistency, and wears away quickly, leaving behind a cakey-looking mess.

It’s not a good highlighter.

I bought the YSL Touche Eclat to use primarily as a highlighter. I have a dozen concealers that all do the job brilliantly, so wasn’t really in the market for a new one – it was the ‘radiant touch of light’ that sold me on this little gold number.

However, I don’t feel this highlights at all. I have the lightest shade, and have pretty pale skin (my foudation is usually called ‘Ivory’, ‘Alabaster’ or ‘Snow’ – I’m that pale) and the Touche Eclat isn’t particularly light on me. To me, it feels just like a bog-standard concealer – am I missing something?!

Why I regret my purchase…

The packaging is beautiful – and that’s where the positives end. Whilst I don’t absolutely loathe the Touche Eclat, I don’t think it warrants the £25 price tag in any way. It doesn’t highlight particularly well and it has an unpleasant consistency. I would have much rather bought 5 of my regular concealer pens and a cheeky highlighter for this price!

Rimmel Good to Glow Highlighter (£5)

My biggest beauty disappointment of late – Rimmel, I’d like my money back!

Oh Rimmel, you’ve let me down! Usually one of my favourite budget brands, I bought the Good to Glow highlighter with great expectations – and actually as a replacement to the Touche Eclat. Am I destined to never find a good liquid highlighter?

It’s really hard to apply.

This dries instantly. No, honestly. Instantly. It doesn’t move. I found this out when using it for a blog tutorial – after daubing on my cheekbones and taking some photos, I found that it wouldn’t budge and I was left with white, sparkly blobs of highlighter dotted all over my face. Rubbing it off took half my (beautifully applied, obviously) makeup off with it – what a waste!

It’s an odd colour.

Given my freakishly pale skintone, I chose Notting Hill 001, the lightest shade – which is stupidly light.

It’s white – not a light skin colour, but full on white. Add in some highlighting sparkles and this verges on looking like stage makeup. Even with the lightest of applications, Notting Hill made me look worryingly ill. Always a desirable look…

It’s far too shimmery.

Highlighters should give the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead a subtle glow – like you’ve been out to the beach on a beautiful summer’s day.

This highlighter makes you look as if you’re going to a primary school disco with Mary-Kate and Ashley. It’s basically glitter in a tube (what is it with highlighters=glitter?): it’s practically unwearable in the daytime – unless you want to look ridiculous.

Why I regret my purchase…

Whilst I’ll occasionally break out the MAC Prep + Prime or the YSL Touche Eclat in a makeup emergency, this product is categorically going in the bin.

Here’s my disclaimer, girls. Like I said, this post is entirely made up of my own opinion – if you love these products, fantastic!

You may be poor, but you can still look pretty.



30 thoughts on “products i regret buying

  1. omg THANK YOU for pointing the Touche Éclat Pen’s obvious lack of point…it’s overpriced, and I consider the formula cakey and just not WORKING for me…I think everyone is trying to love it because it is YSL – but honestly, there are so many better products out there! I agree with the previous poster on Becca – amazing product to mix with foundation!

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    1. Aha thank you! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one! I seriously wanted to love it – and I just don’t. At the moment I’m using the Match Perfect concealer from Rimmel which has the same brush tip applicator and its miles better. I’m definitely checking out Becca soon too! X

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  2. If you want a budget liquid highlighter, try the new MUA undress your skin illuminating liquid glow! I have it in pink shimmer and really love it, I think it is a lot like Benefit High Beam. I really want to get it in the champagne shade too! I definitely recommend it! 😊
    ~ The Mechanic x

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  3. Sorry these didn’t work out for you… I’ve heard so many good things about the YSL it’s actually refreshing to read a contrasting opinion. I always think there is so much hype centred around some of the higher end products some people are often blinded into thinking they’re worth it or uncomfortable with admitting they’re not. Great honest review – thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 Karen x

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  4. YES!! I totally agree with you, that M.A.C. primer was horrible. It also was one of my very first ‘high end’ purchases and I tried so bad to like it. But the glitters in it are extremely ridiculous. If anything it just made my face extra oily. Your review is so spot on 😉 Love it ❤

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  5. I actually do not like Touche Eclat either. I don’t feel like does anything. There are a ton of cult products that I think are not worth the hype! I like Kevin Aucoin candlelight powder for a highlighter, or the new Clinique chubby stick highlight.

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