Something I’ve been hankering for recently is the Urban Decay Naked palette – a decadent selection of neutral shadows, coveted by beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts everywhere. However, with the £40 price tag, it’s something that I just can’t bring myself to splurge on – so was there any alternative I could try?


I did a bit of research online, read about a zillion blog posts about Naked dupes, and finally settled on the Makeup Revolution London ‘Iconic 1’ Palette. I chose this one for several reasons – it’s ridiculously cheap (£4, kids. Seriously), it’s actually advertised as ‘a Naked 1 palette dupe’, and has really positive reviews from the blogging community. That ticks all of my boxes, so I headed down to my local Superdrug to snag myself one.

Makeup Revolution London is a brand I’ve never actually used – or even heard of, if I’m being totally honest. However, in Superdrug, I was pretty impressed by their display. The packaging doesn’t look cheap at all – most of their palettes come in black plastic packaging, which looked pretty sleek and professional – and the prices are great and perfectly affordable. It has a high-end vibe which I love, and looks considerably more elegant than MUA, Natural Collection and NYC – other super cheap drugstore brands which I’ve bought from in the past.

I managed to get one of the last few Iconic 1 palettes left, and headed home to try it out…

My first impression of this palette is pretty positive. In stylish packaging, the palette comprises of twelve shades – a mixture of mattes, shimmers and pearls – which you can see through the clear lid. This palette comes with a double ended shadow brush which is the right size for each individual shadow. The shades all looked totally wearable and they looked just as delectable as those in the Naked palette! (If you want to see just how similar, have a Google of Naked VS Iconic and there are some fabulous swatch comparisons).


I just took the plunge with this palette and dove straight in, experimenting with the different colours and finishes. I was really impressed with the colour variety, and they were all decently pigmented. I had a primer on my lids already, but I can imagine they would pop with or without.


I created a lovely neutral eye with these shades and they were easy to apply, didn’t feel cakey or chalky, and didn’t seem to drop off the lid onto my cheeks. The shadows blended well, and even with several different colours blended together, they felt light on my lids – I hate a heavy eyeshadow!

However – it wasn’t all positives. The double ended eyeshadow wand felt cheap, so I binned it straight away – but then all of my other brushes were too wide for the narrow strips of shadow. My trusty MAC large shadow brush was picking up other colours, so I had to be careful and manipulate the bristles to only gather the desired shade.

Whilst the colours are pigmented, some are not as strong as I would like. I was really excited to try the rusty red shade (a dupe of Naked’s ‘Factory’),  but this one needed several top-ups to get a good depth of colour. I felt that the lighter shades didn’t hold their colour as much during blending – they got a bit lost and the darker shades took over.

I really enjoyed creating a neutral smokey eye with the Iconic 1 palette. I’ll admit, this is a real mish-mash of colours and I honestly couldn’t tell you what I put where (bad beauty blogger!), but here’s an idea of the coverage, blendability and pigmentation of the shadows!




My overall thoughts? I like it!

I don’t love it – however, I’m never really bowled over by eyeshadow, if I’m totally honest. I can adore a lipstick, or fall in love with a powder, but eyeshadow? Not so much. This palette comes pretty close, though – great pigmentation, easy blending and application, and a huge variety of shades for such a great price.

This palette definitely made me rethink purchasing any Naked products as well. I felt my look was pretty lovely using Iconic 1, and I couldn’t really see what difference Naked would make – apart from a bigger dent to my credit card!

For any of you out there craving a Naked palette, I’d try this first. Make sure you’ve got an appropriate brush to hand, and I’d recommend a primer. This palette was nice to use and I’d love to try some more Makeup Revolution products in future!




  1. Absolutely gorgeous – what an amazing look! I’ve heard such great things about this palette and seeing it as beautifully used as you’ve done just confirms how fantastic it really is 🙂 Karen x

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  2. Your eye make up is just so pretty and you look fabulous! That lip colour really suits you. I own a few of their lip lacquers but I found them to be really drying and they flake over time on me but the pigmentation is just immense. Their red shade is a pretty good dupe for MAC’s ruby woo.

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