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If you’ve been following my blog over the last few weeks (obviously), you’ll have read my Beauty Wishlist that I posted a few days ago. After all of your lovely comments, I actually caved and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow (reviewed here).

However, one product, LimeCrime Velvetines, got mixed reviews; many people said since the financial fiasco they’re boycotting LimeCrime itself, and others claimed the product wasn’t actually all that great for the price.

I tend to agree with the first point; and frankly, if other bloggers aren’t thinking it’s worth the money, a budget blog certainly isn’t. I had a quick Google, and came across the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers, which many are saying are a great dupe for LimeCrime Velvetines.

I was looking for long lasting colour which stayed bright all day, so if it’s a fraction of the cost, what’s not to love?

I bought my MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers from Superdrug online, where they do 3 for 2 and free shipping over £10. I plumped for the colours Halcyon, A Flush and Serene: a nude, a darker pink, and a bubblegum Barbie shade.

First Impressions

If you’ve bought anything from MUA before, you’ll know that they’re a pretty cheap brand. Usually, products are about £1-£3, and look it – I’m never particularly impressed with their packaging.


However, these Lip Lacquers looked lovely. Tubes like frosted glass, with black lids and gold writing – and for only £3. They come in actual display packaging too, which is unusual for a cheaper brand.


First impressions of this product were great. I continued to be impressed with the product itself: the colours are vibrantly pigmented, meaning only one application is needed.

Some reviews have said this doesn’t dry as quickly as Velvetines – however I think this is a good thing. With such a pigmented stain, I want to be able to make mistakes and clean them up before they’re set on my face forever, like Batman’s Joker.

Similarly, I didn’t get the problem with the doe-foot applicator – many other bloggers seemed to think it led to mis-application. I found it pretty easy to use, and I’ve got fairly thin lips: just use a detail brush and concealer to clean the edges afterwards if you’re struggling. I found that only one application was needed of colour, otherwise the product got too thick and didn’t really dry properly.

So did it last? Well, yes! It lasted through food, drink, and (I was most impressed by this one) teeth cleaning with practically no wear and zero smudging.

However, whilst the product didn’t necessarily wear away, the colour definitely faded throughout the day. When trying to apply more over the top, it got a little thick and flakey, and actually looked worse – if you want to reapply, I’d recommend removing with a cotton bud and starting fresh.

It does feel a little dry on, so if you have dry or bitten lips, this probably isn’t the product for you. I did start to feel like I had chapped lips as the day went on, but adding any sort of balm over the top defeats the purpose. However, it did sit nicely over lipliners and lipsticks and ‘sealed’ those in place, which was extremely helpful.

Pros & Cons

Beautifully pigmented colours, easy to apply, malleable, and good drying time. They do what they say on the tin and last for hours with no need for reapplication!


After a while, these felt almost too drying. I wasn’t too keen on this aspect, and after removal, my lips were pretty parched. Slather on lipbalm at bedtime after wearing one of these Lacquers.

I loved Halcyon, and A Flush is a lovely dark pink. However Serene was a much lighter pink – think Barbie on acid – which meant it didn’t spread particularly well, and looked patchy and thin with one application. Yet add more product, and it went thick, gummy and unwearable. I wasn’t crazy about the colour of this either – a total personal preference – but I really liked the two darker shades. If you’re pale like me, perhaps stick to darker, warmer shades, to avoid looking like you’ve been eating candyfloss.

Finally, they do tend to flake a little. Not enough to be a problem whatsoever, but just be careful how long you let them wear for – otherwise you may notice some flaking around the corners of your mouth. Once this starts, I’d remove and reapply, to keep your colour fresh.


I would definitely recommend these Lip Lacquers – I love how vibrant they are, and the long lasting element is a definite bonus! I bought mine online which meant I couldn’t swatch in-store, but I’d recommend doing this – I loved Serene online but wasn’t particularly keen in person. Frankly, for £3 they’re great value and a great product, and MUA have definitely impressed me here.

If you’re hankering for LimeCrime Velvetines, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick or even a NYX Lip Cream, these cheap little beauties are a fraction of the price. Try them out for texture and application before splurging on one of the big guns!

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20 thoughts on “mua velvet lip lacquers: limecrime velvetines dupe

  1. Enjoyed reading this review! There’s been so much controversy with limecrime recently, I do have two velvetines in suedeberry and utopia. They are lovely and so long lasting, but after everything that’s happened I’ve been a bit put off purchasing again! Might have to give these a go instead xo

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  2. These are certainly gorgeous! (I always adore liquid lipstick formulas–my favorite!) I’d wanted to buy from Lime Crime, but I definitely didn’t want to buy into the scandal and then have my information stolen! In any case, these MUA lipsticks are gorgeous! 😀

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