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Last week I told you all about my beauty wishlist. One product that caused quite a stir among the bloggersphere (is that a word?) was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, and my lovely readers on both here and Twitter were telling me how fab it was. And how I needed to buy it. Right now.

Dipbrow (1)

Now, ever a sucker for peer pressure, I caved in and bought it. (I say caved – it took about thirty seconds of deliberation before pressing ‘Pay’. Seriously, zero willpower over here.) I got my Dipbrow Pomade from Beauty Bay, which had free UK tracked delivery – I also saw it was available on Cult Beauty if Beauty Bay have sold out.


I went for the colour Dark Brown, having looked at a load of swatches beforehand. I was torn between Dark Brown and Chocolate; however, Chocolate had a lot more warmth to it than the Dark Brown, which I wasn’t too keen on.

Dipbrow (2)

I’ve swatched Dark Brown on my arm below, so you can get an idea of colour. I’d recommend thoroughly researching swatches before buying online, as not all the shades are listed on some swatch-lists. As you can see, Dark Brown is a pretty cool, ashy brown shade:

Dipbrow (4)

The Skinny

It came in two days, and I have quite literally never been so excited to get my hands on a product. The pomade comes in a lovely little glass jar, much like a gel eyeliner comes in. Just FYI – it doesn’t come with a brush, so you’ll need your own! I’m using an EcoTools slanted liner brush for this.

Dipbrow (3)

Dipbrow is £15, which isn’t terrible for the amount of product you get, and how long it keeps for. You barely use any with each application, so it should (hopefully!) last forever. Which is a good thing, because this is my new favourite product ever.

Dipbrow VS Pencil VS Powder

I admit – I was pretty intimidated by Dipbrow. I’m used to using a powder or a pencil on my brows, which can be easily wiped off with little reprimand if you make a mistake. As Dipbrow is more of a gel, I was concerned that it would be hard to apply, would smear, and may not look natural. How wrong I was!

Dipbrow is – by far – the easiest product I’ve used on my brows to date. Powder can drop onto your nose and cheeks whilst applying, and unless your pencil is super sharp, you don’t get a particularly defined line. I also find that using powder or pencils can make your brows look unnatural, they tend to wear throughout the day, and I often notice the brows don’t look crisp.

Dipbrow sorts out all of these problems. On a brush, it’s super easy to create a natural look by doing short, ‘hairlike’ strokes on the brow, or to totally fill in sparser areas. The gel is creamy and smooth, making it easy to apply, and the lines are beautifully sharp. It’s also considerably easier to do the extremely coveted ‘faded brow’ look with Dipbrow: the ombre-look brow (which make up artists love) is a piece of cake with this.

Application and Results

Dipbrow (7)

Brow Tamer

After applying my Dipbrow, I sealed the look with a brow gel. My personal favourite brow gel is Rimmel’s Brow this Way. Personally, I prefer a clear brow gel as I feel a tinted one can add colour where you don’t want.

 Dipbrow (5)

Ombre Brows

In order to get a more natural finish to my brows, I started applying Dipbrow from about 0.5 inches in, leaving the first bit of my brows bare. I then took a spoolie brush and gently brushed Dipbrow backwards into this area, to give a gradient ombre look.

Crisp and Bright

The final stage in the application process, seen in the penultimate photograph, is to make your brow extra-defined. I did this by using a combination of a highlighter and a light eyeshadow: in particular, YSL Touche Eclat in Radiant and MAC Eyeshadow in Vanilla.

Dipbrow (6)

Use your highlighter to sharpen the brows. Draw around them and blend outwards, making the lines crisp and clean. Pat on some translucent powder (careful not to get on your brows) and using a shadow brush, use a light shadow to blend under the brow bone.

The Verdict

I’m absolutely head over heels for this product. My brows looked fabulous, it hardly took any time at all, and was super easy. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly to anyone looking to up their brow game – believe me, your brows will most definitely be on fleek with Dipbrow at your side!

Dipbrow (8)

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  1. Gorgeous!! I recently started using the Brow Wiz and I love it. However, I have heard the Dipbrow is great in the heat. I will need to try it out for the hot and humid Chicago summers.

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