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Something I’ve been absolutely dying to get my hands on is the BaByliss CurlSecret. This (admittedly terrifying-looking) styling tool allows you to create beautiful curls and waves in minutes, with barely any effort whatsoever. Not only will you look fabulous, you barely have to lift a finger. Perfect!

BaByliss do some variations of the CurlSecret – their Pro version allows you to make waves in different directions, whereas the regular version only curls one way. This wasn’t a particularly big deal to me, so I opted for the cheaper (I’m doing frantic air quotes here) machine, priced at around £120. Eek.


The Skinny

CurlSecret works by sucking your hair into the barrel in a spiral shape. It holds it there for a few seconds, heating the hair, and when released makes a perfect curl. It has variable heat and timer settings so you can mix up your look, and the built in timer lets you know when your curls are ready. It is seriously easy and totally effective.

Get the Look

Before using my CurlSecret, I like to have washed, brushed and straightened my hair, so that it’s easy to work with. Spritz with a heat protection spray and section your hair.

Select a section of hair you wish to curl. Because the machine whizzes the hair into the barrel in a coil, you can’t do huge chunks of your hair at a time – helpfully, the machine stops and beeps if you’ve tried to curl too much hair. You want to select a section around this size:


Place the hair between the two plates of the barrel. If you want a tight curl from the root, place the wand higher; for a lower, beach-y wave, go halfway down your head to only curl the ends.


Squeeze the handle of the CurlSecret. The motor starts and sucks the hair totally into the barrel, and it begins to beep.


After 4 beeps, and 3 quick beeps, the hair is ready – simply release the barrel and gently release the hair to reveal your gorgeous curls!

Soft Waves

My only qualm with the CurlSecret is that your hair can look a little Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-ish once it’s done; perfectly spiralled curls are a little bit school disco circa 1999.



To combat this, I wait until the curls have cooled down, then spray with some salt texture spray – here, I’ve used Kerastase Spray A Porter – and brush through with a paddle brush. The curls retain their shape, but look more natural and more like a wave than a rigid twist.


The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I have to say: I love this! It is possibly the easiest way to curl your hair ever. The curls last all day, and if you spritz with some long-lasting hairspray, you can sleep on them without them dropping out. That’s some long lasting beauty!

However, with positives come negatives. Not being able to curl bigger sections of hair at once can mean it’s a bit time consuming. Only being able to curl one way with the regular CurlSecret can result in prom-style hair if you’re not careful – alternating curl direction makes a much more natural effect.

What about short hair?

Here, you’ve seen the CurlSecret work beautifully on my hair. I’m actually wearing the Dirty Looks HQ Quad Weft extensions (review here), so they’re perfectly safe to use on clip-ins (not synthetics).

My hair naturally falls to my shoulders in a bob. I used it to curl my shorter hair and loved the dramatic, pin-up curl result: the CurlSecret really is for everyone!


To be honest, I love this, and really do think it’s worth the price tag for the speed and ease. Get yours now for beautiful beachy waves this summer!

You may be poor, but you can still look pretty.      



26 thoughts on “babyliss curlsecret: review

  1. I love your shorter hair curled – you look amazing! The makeup and the hair together – perfection! Thanks for reviewing this, I always wanted to know what one would think of that gadget…I use my NuMe wand, or my ghd Eclipse flat iron to curle my hair…it takes time regardless what you use! This seems easy enough! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much petal! I was like you using flat irons but I find the CurlSecret easier and more consistent. I’m not a huge fan of my hair short but the CurlSecret makes it bearable! I’ve been wanting to try a NuMe wand – jealous! 😍


  2. This is a really great review and you and your hair look amazing! Thought I would just point out that the Curl Secret actually automatically alternates the direction of the curl (or at least it should!) i.e. one curls to the left, the next to the right etc, whereas with the pro version you can choose to go left, right or alternate. To be honest I think alternate looks best anyway so don’t see the great advantage of being able to choose! Thanks.

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  3. Your hair looks absolutely lovely styled like this, however I just could not get this to work for me. I seem to have had completely the opposite effects to you! I could not get the curl to loosen so I looked like as you say ‘someone from MBFGW’ and despite the fact that I have really thick hair that holds any style well, the curls dropped out over night. I’ve since taken it back and bought the babyliss big hair. That is amazing and is only £44.99! You should take a look, it’s amazing! xxx

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  4. hi!! I have been super curious about this one, wan’t sure how the curls will come out, I totally get the whole school disco thing lol but love the trick spritzing some sea salt and brushing it to make it a bit more up to date! love this!! great blog btw! following 😉

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

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  5. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Your hair looks fab. I’m STILL on a quest to find something that gives me the kind of curl I desire / have in my head – this looks like it might just do that! However, the price tag is well out of my price range; dammnit BaByliss!

    Great post, love your blog.



  6. First of all love your motto!
    It’s the first time I’ve seen your blog and will be definitely following it! It’s good to find something relateable and honest when it comes to products and spending!😊

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