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Window shopping is one of my favourite past times. Looking at pretty things without spending a penny? Sounds pretty fabulous to me – and my bank account.

Since starting this blog, I’ve started lusting after several products which I can’t wait to get my hands on, and began compiling a little wishlist of beauties. Have you tried any of these? And can I borrow…?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


Legend says that inside this tiny glass jar lies the secret to eyebrow perfection. The Dipbrow Pomade gives you sassy, on-fleek eyebrows in just a few strokes of a spoolie brush, and the results look pretty awesome. It’s waterproof and smudgeproof, setting your brows and giving you fabulous arches to rival Delevingne herself.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Cream Contour Kit


ABH again – I wish there were UK instore stockists of this brand! This time it’s the cream contour kit, which I’ve been hankering after for months. My shade has been sold out everywhere online, and whilst the palette itself is around Β£40, they’re selling for over Β£100 on eBay. It’s supposedly the perfect combo of highlighters, concealers and creams to give you that polished Kim Kardashian contour look. Get in my makeup bag ASAP!

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

They're Real

This is the UK’s best-selling mascara, so Benefit really must be doing something right. Having tried this mascara a few times instores, I am absolutely in love with it – but sadly not the price tag, which is just a little too high for my measly beauty budget. It’s meant to give you amazing length, volume, curl and lift all day long, and I’m gagging to get my hands on one!

Lime Crime Velveteen Lipstain


Another brand which needs to get themselves to the UK is Lime Crime. I love bold, vibrant colours, and these Velvetine Lip Stains are as bold and beautiful as you can get. The liquid formula supposedly slicks on like a gloss but dries like a matte lipstick, and I’m desperate to snag some of these little gems. Retailing at $20 in the States, they’re not even that pricey. Hint, hint…

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Naked paletteOoh, I want this palette! Gorgeous neutrals, in beautiful bronze, gold, brown and grey tones which come in a range of finishes – matte, glitter, satin…what’s not to love? You can create anything from a smokey eye to a cut crease with these shadows, and they have an truly cult following.

I love blogging because people give their real honest opinions: if you’ve tried any of these products, how were they for you? For the products that are available overseas, do you know of any UK stockists so I can make my bank account cry?

You may be poor, but you can still look pretty.



29 thoughts on “my beauty wishlist

  1. I have both of the ABH products on my wishlist too!! I’ve wanted to try lime crime for a while too. Not really a fan of they’re real, because it clumps on my lashes. The naked palettes are everything!!! (:


      1. I agree!! The too faced better than sex mascara is just amazing too! Awwe why is there no popup for ABS in the UK?


    1. I’m thinking 3, as I prefer the shades in that one the most – however perhaps getting all of them is the best way to go…! I’ve heard such good things about Dipbrow – I think it’ll be my next beauty splurge! Your hair colour looks similar to mine so I think that’s the shade I’d plump for too πŸ™‚

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      1. the naked three is wonderful! I am about to post about my makeup collection. it might take a bit but keep an eye out for it! and yes definitely splurge on the dipbrow! you wont be disappointed ❀


  2. You need the naked 3 in your life like now !!!! I absolutely LOVE it! It’s one of my faves aside from the original naked palette!:) texture, quality, A+++ I think your bank account will hurt but it’s totally worth it! I also own one of the limecrime velvetines I forgot what shade and I’m too lazy to check lol but its the orangy red shade. It’s nice but I don’t really like liquid lipsticks yes a shocker I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn’t like them but yeah! I just wanted to see if the hype was worth it. Eh not for me but if you like liquid lipsticks then I say give it a go πŸ™‚


    1. Nooo you’re such a bad influence! πŸ™Š I do think that liquid lippies look amazing on girls with full lips, and mine are sadly not so plump, so don’t know whether they would suit me. Maybe I’ll splurge to find out πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

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      1. hahah!! yes I tend to be a bad influence when it comes to beauty products!!!! But like I said its totally worth it! πŸ™‚ As far as the liquid lipsticks go I guess I don’t like them cause I like creamy lipsticks πŸ™‚ But I love how they look on other people too just not me lol :p

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  3. The Naked 3 palette and the They’re Real mascara are my favourites! Though I recently bought the Roller Lash mascara and I have to admit that it’s also amazing. xx


  4. Hey! Instead of lime crime, you should check out LA Splash cosmetics (lasplashcosmetics on Instagram)! They’re liquid matte lipsticks are amazing (and cheaper than lime crime) and Lime Crime is a shady company :/ they had a security breach and people lost a lot of money

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  5. I love all these products…I personally have the Brow Pomade in Dark Brown I think – it is amazing for making those truly sharp eyebrows, and defining. It also does stay on all day and does not smudge!
    My favourite mascara is They’re Real, but I am using Roller Lash more and more for day to day looks! Two together are more than amazing! (Roller Lash to separate and elongate, and then They’re Real for the volume!).
    I have all Naked palettes, and Naked 3 is absolutely the most beautiful one! Has all the pretty colours which you can use for endless looks all year long!
    I have the ABH powder contouring palette, so cream ones were kind of excessive for me, and I’ve heard that they lack a bit on the cool tones for defining – but I wish I had one for trying out πŸ˜‰
    Lime Crime – I always wanted to try their most popular Velveteen in “Cashmere”, but since their scandal with all the credit card information being stolen online and so many people being affected financially – they are just on a down spiral…They say is all is fixed now, but people are complaining of products not being up to par and getting velveteen tubes half-filled…so I am scared to order myself…not really trusting the brand any longer. *shrug*
    All great choices though!!!

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    1. I’ve just ordered Dipbrow in that shade! Perfect. I know what you mean about doubling up mascara – there’s never one to do it all! And I’ve looked into Lime Crime a bit more and felt a bit dubious so ordered some MUA lip lacquer dupes which have pretty good reviews too. Can’t wait for all my goods to arrive πŸ™Š

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  6. I absolutely LOVE They’re Real mascara. Benefit has lots of great products – at least in my opinion. My next trip to a mall or to Sephora is going to have to include me checking out the Anastasia items you mentioned. Yeah, there goes MY bank account! πŸ™‚

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