We’ve all done it – sat in the hairdresser’s chair and said: ‘chop it off! Give me a bob! Short hair, don’t care!’ And then, as your lovely long locks start falling to the floor, you realize you’ve made an error. What are you going to do?


This was my predicament last week, after having my nasty split ends trimmed away. Whilst I like my new short ‘do, it’s harder to style and much more effort to maintain than a longer look – so I decided that it was time to get my hands on some new extensions.

I’ve had loads of hair extensions over the years: synthetic, Remy, terrible, great. However, I have extremely thick hair and I’m prone to headaches and migraines, so they tend to look too thin, or weigh too much. Having had enough of synthetic pieces, which tend to frizz and get manky pretty swiftly, I decided to see whether any human hair extensions would be thick and light enough to get me a gorgeous head of hair.

dirty looks (7)

I came across Dirty Looks online, and was super excited to see they sold single Quad Weft Extensions.  I wasn’t looking for a full set – as that’s a real faff for everyday wear – so a single weft sounded perfect. They were even on sale for £26, which isn’t bad at all for human hair, which can be washed, dyed and styled with heat. 

In regards to colour match, I found this super helpful video on their YouTube channel, which shows you how to pick your perfect shade. I have dark brunette hair with red tones running throughout, so thanks to their advice, plumped for the Espresso brown wefts – I’d really recommend watching these videos, as the shades look much darker on the website!

I ordered two HK quad weft extensions in Espresso, which cost me £52, and plumped for next day delivery (I’m far too impatient.) 

On arrival, the wefts are sealed in netting in little packs so you can check whether the colour is right for you. Thanks to the video, I was really happy with the shade, so went ahead and opened them up.

As I’ve said before, I’ve had countless amounts of hair extensions – but none as thick as these in a single weft. They were fabulous and thick all the way down to the root, and lovely and silky-soft. 

dirty looks (6)


These wefts are 4 clips wide, or 8 inches across. I bought two not only for added thickness and volume, but also so that they would be wide enough together for my whole head. A single weft is almost long enough ear-to-ear, but I like to layer them so the hair is evenly distributed.


These already have clips attached, and they’re smaller than other clips I’ve seen before, making them even lighter to wear. However, this doesn’t mean they’re any less sturdy. Give your hair a quick backcomb before applying them for added security when clipping them in.


I used my straighteners on these wefts and curled them. The hair kept its curl all day which was fabulous, especially as I’d forgotten to spritz with hairspray before dashing out. 

Verdict: I love!

Affordable, super thick, and a perfect colour match – what’s not to love! However:

  • I would definitely buy one more quad weft. Whilst the extensions were lovely and thick, because my hair is a blunt cut, it doesn’t blend as well as if it was layered. I would love to have one central weft underneath, then one to the left and one to the right, in order to cover my entire head.
  • I opted for the 16-18 inch extensions, which, for me, are the perfect length: they look gorgeous and natural. However, if your hair is longer than shoulder length, for nights out or for extreme volume, I’d go for the longer style.

If you don’t fancy splurging on a full set, or wearing loads of clips everyday, these single quad wefts are perfect. I’m absolutely in love and extremely impressed with the quality of these, and will definitely order another single quad weft for some added thickness. I’ve also got my eye on the ombre set, which I may need to splurge on next month…




  1. Ohhh I have Dirty Looks hair extensions arriving this week!!!
    I’ve been buying Head Kandy for a while but haven’t bought from them since they changed their name, so exciting times! Your hair looks fab xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello! I’ve ordered 2 quad wefts, I’ve got shorter hair than you but it’s blunt cut I’m going to get a weave but I need my hair to grow abit more before they can do it so they have suggested clip ins for the time being. Are they good and are they easy to blend I’ve heard great things but I’m abit worried! Thank you xx


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