bioderma micellar water: review

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There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to removing your makeup, and that’s micellar cleansing water. Designed by French scientists, it’s perfect for the perpetually lazy beauty lover who can’t be bothered to do her full cleanse-tone-rinse ritual every night. Micellar water is meant to remove even the most stubborn of cosmetics, whilst not damaging the skin – it’s free from harsh chemicals and is super gentle, whilst also being extremely effective.

Micellar water gets its rather swanky, scientific name from the teeny-tiny micelles in the solution. These micelles dissolve makeup and remove them from the skin – they’re little pockets of oil which grab onto any residue, cleansing it from your face.


I decided I needed to try this out for myself, so I got my hands on some Bioderma  Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire (the bottle was all in French, so it must be pretty good). This has great reviews online and is £10 for a 250ml bottle, which will last a few weeks if used sparingly. I got the sensitive skin version (you know, for my peux sensibles), and stocked up on my cotton pads, ready to sluice off the day’s slap in one fell swoop.


So, how was losing my micellar water virginity?

The good stuff

Not oily. Unlike other makeup removers, the micellar water didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and oily – in fact, it felt as if I’d just had a quick wash. I love not having to scrape off excess grease after removing my makeup.

No rinsing necessary. You can literally just wipe off and go – there’s no need to wash your face after using micellar water. Obviously you can do, but with no residue left behind and a soothing formula, you’re good to go after one quick wipe.

Soothing and sensitive. The water feels extremely gentle on the skin, and where my skin is a little dry in patches (thanks, stress) it soothed the skin and actually gave it some moisture.

The oopsies

Hardcore? Not so much. I wear a lot of makeup, and the micellar water doesn’t seem brawny enough to tackle it. It took my foundation off nicely, but was defeated by my shadow and brows; my mascara still looked picture perfect after supposedly being removed.

Amount needed. I needed two cotton pads’ worth to “remove” my makeup – this consisted of two decent sized squirts of the micellar water. To do this every day would mean you’d go through a bottle pretty quickly. It’s pricier than a remover, as it’s gentler, but you need more every time.

The 411

I loved trying this product, as it was something I’ve not used before. I thought it did a lovely job of removing my base makeup and powder, but if you wear a decent amount of eye or lip makeup, it might struggle here. Spending £10 on a product which you’d probably need to use in accordance with a heavy duty eye makeup remover seems a bit silly, especially given the liberal amount needed to tackle a full face.

However, it felt lovely on my skin, didn’t have a strong perfumed odour and left my face feeling fresh and clean. It didn’t irritate my dry or sensitive patches and it felt much lighter than an oil based remover.

I’d recommend micellar water if you wear minimal/light/natural makeup, and if you’re tired of greasy makeup removers or drying face-wipes. If you often take your makeup off and go straight to bed, or do it in a hurry, this is great for you too. All in all, it felt nice on my skin, did it’s job partially very well, and I would definitely keep it as an addition to my bathroom shelf!

Have you used micellar water before? What did you think?


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