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I’ll be totally honest with you guys – I’m the worst person for looking after my skin EVER. I’ve always been lucky and had actually had pretty good skin: I’ve never really had spots or breakouts, even during the greasy teen years. (And they were pretty greasy.) My idea of pampering my skin was using a face wipe to take my makeup off, and that didn’t happen all too frequently. However, I’ve realized that whilst I’m lucky right now, that’s not always going to be the case. Ten years from now, my skin will probably seek revenge and I’ll wake up with deep-set wrinkles and pimples the size of planets. So I’ve started to take care of my skin, and thought I’d share my top 5 skincare products with you for Friday Favourites!



Lancome Hydra Zen NeuroCalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream  


Everything about this cream is gorgeous. The creamy texture which melts into the skin; the creamy consistency which lasts for absolutely ages; the lovely powdery smell; and the way it leaves my skin super soft. I apply it at night before bed on the areas where I’m convinced I’ll get wrinkles (forehead, around my mouth, crows’ feet) and wake up in the morning with baby soft skin. A little pricier than other face creams, but totally worth the investment.


La Prairie Cellular Revitalizing Eye Gel

010fbcb8bf1f3d7c0d67c1bbd6260ccfb936b1a3c1 This eye cream is a cooling, refreshing gel that rejuvenates tired under-eyes. This is my absolute go-to product after I’ve been slaving away (ish) at the library, or recovering from a few too many cocktails. You can feel it getting to work the minute you’ve applied this minty-blue gel – it begins to tingle straight away and leaves under eye bags plumped up into submission. Comes with a hefty price tag, but even if you opt for a small size, it’ll last you ages.


Molton Brown Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver


The perfect lipsalve for giving you a moisturised, smooth and full pout. This tiny tube has lasted me a year, and I slather it on every night at bedtime, so a little really goes a long way. It is by far the most hydrating lipbalm I’ve ever used, and it doesn’t dry up quickly like some others. Apply liberally at night and wake up with soft, kissable lips. A little luxury for a not-so-luxury price tag. Mwah.


Rituals Mild Eye Makeup Remover


I always used to use the Lancome Bifacial Makeup Remover, but found it to be a little too greasy and oily for my liking. The Rituals remover is much more gentle on my skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue behind, whilst also taking off my makeup in one fell swoop. It’s also much more affordable than Lancome’s remover, and you get more for your money.




Hear me out on this one: it’s nappy-rash cream. For babies. However, I’d be in dire straights without my trusty tub of Sudocrem. It’s AMAZING. Got a spot? Sudocrem at night, gone by morning. Skin feeling dry? Rub in some Sudocrem and a few minutes later it’s baby soft. Itchy rashes or breakouts? Sudocrem soothes and cools the skin. It’s my absolute favourite skincare product ever. Use it all over your face in a thick coat for a moisturizing facemask, use it to tackle spots, or just to hydrate your skin before applying foundation. It’s super cheap (around £5), and the tub lasts forever.

Have you got any favourite skincare brands you want to share?


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