younique 3d moodstruck mascara vs w7 loads of lashes

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If there’s one product I’ve been absolutely gagging for (cheeky) over the last few months, it’s the Younique 3D Moodstruck Mascara. You’ll have seen the adverts for this all over Facebook and YouTube, and I even got an Instagram message asking me to be a Younique UK representative a few months ago. Younique’s mascara wasn’t available in the UK when it first came out, but is now available at Amazon (link below), for the price of £25 plus shipping.

In the set from Younique, you receive two mascara wands: one is a ‘transplanting gel’ mascara, which sounds like a horrific science experiment, and the other is a fiber-lash wand. The fiber-lash wand, instead of containing a gel like a mascara, actually contains thousands of teeny tiny dry green-tea fibers. Once brushed onto the lashes which have been prepped with the ‘transplanting gel’ (shudder), these fibers act as eyelash extensions, making your lashes longer, thicker and bolder: a perfect alternative to false lashes.

The reviews of this product are great, and if it weren’t for the hefty price tag, I’d be as keen to buy it as Natalia Kills is for a new gig. Sadly, the moral little voice in my head (which rarely pops up) can’t justify spending £25 on a mascara which may not work, so I had a look around for cheaper alternatives.

I picked up the W7 Loads of Lashes Fiber Lash Mascara Wand at a drugstore a few months ago. It was about £2.99 in price (it’s gone the way of the Freddo and is slightly more at £3.50 on Amazon now), and after reading some reviews online I didn’t hold out much hope.


W7’s Loads of Lashes only contains one wand, unlike Younique, and that’s the fiber-lash brush (thank God for the lack of the transplanting gel). The wand is pretty small, around the size of a travel-size mascara you’d get as a free gift on a beauty counter, but it’s full of tiny white fibers.

W7 say that a regular mascara can be used instead of a special gel, so I used my Sephora Outrageous Volume Waterproof Black Mascara alongside the Loads of Lashes brush.


The Application

1. With the rest of my eye makeup applied, I use a eyelash curler to curl my lashes. As you can see, I’ve got pretty non-existent lashes when they’re naked, so I love a good false eyelash.

2. Using my Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara, I apply one coat to my lashes. Before it can dry, I use the W7 Loads of Lashes wand to gently apply the fibers. You use this wand like a normal mascara, applying it in an upwards motion. Make sure you even it out so there are no fiber lumps and every lash is coated.

3. I then reapplied my regular mascara over the top. Even just one coat of the fiber-lash mascara has made a massive difference, but I’m going to apply two coats for extra length and volume. I repeat the application of the fibers followed by another slick of black mascara.

4. Whilst I was impressed with the first coat, I don’t think there’s a massively noticeable difference between one coat and two. Perhaps my lashes look a little fuller, but I think the desired effect was achieved with just one coat.

The Results

So, this does give your lashes a fuller, longer look, which I really liked. However, I do think there are limitations to this product which I haven’t noticed in any Younique reviews. Younique can be used again and again on the lashes, making them bigger and bolder every time, but W7 seemed to peak at the first go.

Throughout the day, I did notice that my lashes seemed to slump. I think the product sheds, so the fibers drop away (I didn’t notice any on my face, but did get one in my eye at one point) leaving your lashes as limp as they were to start with.

However, it’s not bad at all. For £3, the little tube lasts for ages, and whilst it’s not as massive an impact as Younique, it does give your lashes more length and volume. I’d recommend this as a stopgap before splurging on the real thing.


5 thoughts on “younique 3d moodstruck mascara vs w7 loads of lashes

  1. Great post and thank you for reviewing the W7 product! Like you I’ve been “gagging” to get my hands on the Younique 3D mascara, and also like you can’t justify spending that amount of money on it. I shall be sure to get my hands on the W7 Loads of Lashes! X


  2. Sweetie, please please PLEASE be careful buying Younique on Amazon! As a presenter, we are actually not allowed to sell on Amazon, eBay, etc and there have been known to be many, many fake ones out there that have been damaging women’s eyes. Email me and perhaps we can work something out for you to try some and review! 😘

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