collection ‘work the colour’ eyebrow kit: review

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Brows are so in right now, haven’t you heard? Of course you have, you don’t live under a rock. They’re the new fashion accessory. Get the bold and bushy like our main girl Cara, wild and wacky like the catwalks – or patchy and underplucked like nineties Victoria Beckham. (Just kidding.)

I’ve got super bushy and hirsute eyebrows that grow at an alarming rate; I had a monobrow until I discovered tweezers at the age of eleven. (It was like a small epiphany). However, whilst they are pretty thick, they’re not particularly neat or tidy – even when forced into submission by my Tweezermans – and I’m always on the lookout for a product which will give me a supermodel brow.

Cue the Collection ‘Work the Colour’ Eyebrow Kit, which is my new absolute fave. Retailing in Boots at about £3, it’s a snip for three eyebrow powders, a dual headed brush and a clear brow mascara.


It comes in a super handy, dinky plastic kit, which even has a strip mirror in the lid for doing your brows on the go (a risky strategy), and fits neatly in a makeup case or handbag.

eyebrow 2

So how good is it at getting those eyebrows on fleek?

  1. Firstly, I used a dual-headed lash and brow brush to gently brush my natural brows into some sort of shape. They’re pretty straggly right now and are in desperate need of a tweeze – don’t judge.
  2. Secondly, taking the darkest brow colour in the palette, and using the slanted end of the mini Collection brush, I draw a straight line underneath my brow, starting about a pinky-finger’s width from the start of my brow. Noone wants a super square eyebrow. I do this for the top of the brow as well, and gradually taper the colour down my arch.Eyebrows
  3. Next, still using this darkest brown, I use the slanted brush end to fill in the brow using short brush strokes – imagine you’re drawing on extra eyebrow hairs. I flip the brush over to the flat end, and using the light brown, gently pat the colour over the whole brow, including the bare pinky-width we left at the beginning. This gives the brow a more natural, graduated look. Still using the flat end, I take some of the palest yellow and pat it over the start of the brow.
  4. Finally, it’s time for the brow mascara. Using the wand, shape the brows with the clear gel and leave to dry.

The great points

  • It’s super easy and quick to achieve a pretty fly looking brow using this kit, and there’s even a little diagram on the back to show first-timers how to use the different colours and brushes.
  • You get a variety of colours, a brow gel and a brush for £3 – most eyebrow pencils will set you back more than this, so it’s absolutely great value.
  • The brow gel sets the powder, and my brows stayed looking great all day. No smudging or fading whatsoever.

The oopsies

  • Now, these colours are absolutely perfect for me, and from what I can see there’s only one kit available. I think that if you had super pale eyebrows, this probably wouldn’t be the kit for you, as the palest yellow powder acts more like a setting agent than a pigmented colour.

Eyebrows - Copy

Overall – I’m a bit in love. I’ll look like Cara Delevigne in absolutely no time.

You may be poor, but you can still look pretty.



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