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When I was eighteen, I decided that I was going to dye my hair blonde. By myself.

I went to Boots and bought a load of random hair products, including some industrial strength bleach. Mixing it in my University room sink like a low budget Breaking Bad, I was convinced that I was going to have luscious blonde locks once I’d rinsed the foul-smelling paint thinner away. Boy, was I wrong – I went a shade of buttercup yellow that made me look jaundiced. So I tried bleaching it again. This time it went white, and it was only when strands of my hair began falling out in the shower that I realized I had gone too far,

My hair used to be long and super-thick, but since that fateful day armed with a pack of ColourB4 it’s never been the same. It absolutely fried and frazzled my hair, and at my next visit to the hairdressers, I watched in horror as he cut my hair  to just below my jawline. ‘It’s just too damaged,’ he explained, hacking away like he had a starring role in Texas Chainsaw. ‘I can’t save it, it all needs to come off’.

Since then, my hair has given up. It’s grown to my shoulders and then refused to budge, and doesn’t feel half as thick as it used to. So I started looking around to see if there was anything I could do (we’ve all typed ‘make hair grow fast’ into Google, am I right), and stumbled across Hairfinity.


A Unique Formula for Faster Growth. Get Ready for Healthier, Longer, Stronger, Hair.

The Hairfinity Hair Vitamins are a dietary supplement that you’ve probably seen in those annoying ads down the Facebook sidebar. They supposedly promote hair growth and restore thickness to thin or limp hair, and there are before and after montages across every social media platform gushing about this product. What’s not to love?

Well, the price tag, to be honest. One month’s supply is £25, and a lot of the reviews mention that you need to take this for a few months before the results really start to kick in. £25 seems a lot to spend on something that hypothetically may not work.

The main ingredient in Hairfinity which is the ‘supposed miracle cure for hair’ is biotin. Biotin prevents dry hair, increases hair elasticity and encourages hair growth, and there’s a whopping 2500mcg of biotin in each Hairfinity pill. However, biotin also makes skin oily and causes breakouts, even if you’ve never had bad skin before, and this is one of the major complaints about Hairfinity. If only there was a cheaper alternative, with less chance of breakouts…


There is. It’s Biotin, the actual vitamin that makes up Hairfinity. Biotin can be bought from Holland & Barrett, Boots and Superdrug, and 100 300mcg pills was £4.99. What’s great about buying Biotin in this form is that you can control how much you take per day. Breakouts occur with 2500mcg of biotin in your system, so look at taking around 1500mcg a day, which works out at 5 tablets. This works out at around a 20 day supply in the bottle, and at £5 it’s not expensive to buy more.

015850750281fb96e78bf332c0c3eeacf403743f76So the main question: does it work?

The short answer: yes. I began taking Biotin and made sure to really take care of my hair: deep conditioning treatments, heat protection spray, all the usual things your hairdresser tells you to do but you ignore. (Maybe they have a point.)

Length: Luckily, I’ve got some handy moles on my back which act as markers (you’re welcome), which clearly show a massive growth over three weeks.

Thickness: The thickness of my hair dramatically improved, and it felt stronger, healthier and silkier than it has done in months.

I’d give Biotin a thumbs up. However, I seriously upped my hair care game whilst taking the supplements, and part of me wonders whether this had a contributing factor to the growth and thickness increase I saw. I got no breakouts whatsoever, and my skin never became oily.

I was only taking 5 pills a day, and definitely forgot on more than one occasion, but these results would keep me loyal to Biotin, rather than the siren call of Hairfinity. Long hair is a definite possibility for me now – fingers crossed!

Have you used Hairfinity before? What were the results like?

You may be poor, but you can still look pretty.



9 thoughts on “hairfinity hair vitamins vs biotin

  1. Hey! Love the post, and I’m always eager for cheaper alternatives! I started hairfinity March 11 and I feel that it has already grown ! It feels much thicker when I wash it, and my pony tail was looking a bit fuller today! I have experienced a few break outs. But I’m not sure if that has to do with the vitamin or exam stress, lol 🙂 !! Good luck on your healthy hair journey ! Keep up the good work !!!


  2. I take 5,000mg of biotin twice a day because my hair was falling out really bad and was super thin. I’m Puerto Rican so I have that thick curly hair. My hair has grown so much. Not only that my skin looks so much better no more break outs and my nails are super long! I love biotin.

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  3. Reblogged this on BforBeautyTv and commented:
    Never really wanted to try hairfinity. Everbody on youtube tryed this and say that it’s good, but then everyone else said it’s bad for your hair and skin. Just take good care of your hair.


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