ben nye luxury banana powder: review

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If you’re a beauty addict like me, then you’ll have heard the name Ben Nye crop up more and more frequently over the last year. Ben Nye’s Luxury Banana Powder has become a cult classic for makeup artists and amateurs alike, and is hailed as the Holy Grail of setting powders by Kim Kardashian’s team. If it’s good enough for Kim, it’s good enough for me.

Ben Nye originated as a stage cosmetics brand, which is probably why it’s famed for being so damn hard core and unshakeable; however, this makes it a bit tricky to find, as it’s not sold in drugstores. I was desperate to get my hands on this, and spent hours trawling the internet to find a UK seller. Because, not only is it meant to be fabulous, it’s super, super cheap. A luxury powder retails between £9-£12 online, and you get an extremely decent sized tub which supposedly lasts for years.

Ben Nye (5)

Ben Nye Stockists who ship to the UK or are UK based:

Camera Ready Cosmetics –

Passionate About Makeup (PAM) –

Guru Makeup Emporium –

I was set on getting the Banana powder, given its fame. However, having watched some YouTube reviews, I decided to try Buff at the same time. Banana is supposedly a much more yellow shade, which is better for darker, tanned or olive skin tones (think: Kim Kardashian) – Buff is a much more muted, pinky tone which suits fairer or pinker complexions.

Swatched below, you can see Banana’s yellow tint, and Buff’s pink tint:

Ben Nye (3)

So, is it any good?

I used the powder for under my eyes to set my concealer, highlight my cheekbones and give my foundation a dewy, airbrushed finish. I used Buff under my left eye, and Banana under my right eye to compare.


Ben Nye (2)


Ben Nye (1)

To be honest, I couldn’t see a massive difference in terms of the colour. The powder is tinted but as it goes on it becomes more and more translucent, until it becomes practically invisible on the skin. I’m pretty pale and have pink undertones, but banana was perfectly fine to use and I didn’t look uneven with two different colours on at the same time.

The powder goes on beautifully, and a little goes a super long way. Once buffed out, it covers the bags under my eyes well and gives my skin a lovely airbrushed look: it feels silky soft and light, but still kept my makeup rigidly in place all day. I can certainly understand the hype and I think I’m a little bit in love.


5 thoughts on “ben nye luxury banana powder: review

  1. I’m not really a powder fan but I heard many good things about the banana powder. I might consider purchasing one in the future when I get bin the powder mood. I like the smooth finish this powder gives. 🙂


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