sleek trio contour kit: review

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It’s the sad truth that I am seriously lacking in the definition department, whether that be a chiseled cheekbone or a jawline that would make Reese Witherspoon jealous. My face has no striking angles or jutting bones, and I have had to live with that for twenty one miserable, featureless years. Until I discovered the Sleek Face Contour Kit.

FullSizeRender (1)


(L – R: Darkest colour for contour and shaping. Shimmer sheer powder for highlighting. Light shimmer bronze/ blush for a sunkissed glow.)

(Also: that makeup brush needs a serious rinse. I’m such a tramp.)

This palette is one of the first that I’ve noticed to be sold in drugstores, with an affordable pricetag, which caters to the hot new cosmetic trend: contouring. Thanks to our fave galpal Kimmy K, contouring is everywhere – and it’s my new best friend.

The feel-good factors

  • It’s affordable. At £9.99 (so ten pounds – I see you, subliminal marketing) for three good sized palettes, you get a lot of product for your pennies.
  • It lasts. I’ve had my contour kit for a good few months now, and whilst I’ve made a dent in the highlighter (it tends to escape from the pan once you sweep your brush over it) the contour and blush colours are still going strong. To be honest, these are the most important ones anyway as you can achieve the same highlighter glow with a simple face powder.
  • It works. This actually does what it says. Sweeping the darkest shade onto the cheekbones, down the nose, across the jawline and forehead provides amazing definition you won’t get with a regular bronzer.

The oopsies

  • Make sure you get the right colour. This isn’t Sleek’s fault, it’s mine, but make sure you buy the colour that’s right for your skin tone. I’m super pale but slather the fake tan on like it’s going out of style, so opted for the medium palette – in hindsight, this is way too dark for me, and sometimes I can find I look a bit like a drag queen if I’m paler than usual. Don’t flatter yourself – you’re milk bottle white, get the fair palette. Get over yourself or prepare to look like cross-dressing Jafar from Aladdin.
  • Blend-ability. Whilst the powder goes on well, and has a lovely silky texture, it’s not the easiest powder to blend. After you’ve dithered around finding the right stipple brush, made a cup of tea for the gas man and texted ‘that guy’ back, it tends to set where it is and becomes reluctant to buff. Sometimes the lines can look a little harsh if you don’t get there in time, but with a little practice, it’ll be great.

This has been a super quick overview of the Sleek palette, and whilst I wish I had more time for a quick tutorial, hopefully this review gives a good idea as to whether the contour kit is for you. I’d give it a huge thumbs up for aspiring makeup gurus, or even those with a bit more expertise. And for ten pounds, it’s hardly breaking the bank.


FullSizeRenderA quick and easy daytime look using the Sleek Contour Palette.

What did you think of the Sleek contour range? Have you found a better or cheaper alternative?

You may be poor, but you can still look pretty.



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